New Website Goes Live

Today we have switched to the new Team Website. As well as a new look, we also have a new address http://www.wmrt.org.uk. Most of the content from the old site has been transferred to the new site, however, the old site is still accessible at http://archive.wmrt.org.uk.

As with anything new there may be one or two bugs that have not been ironed out yet. If you see anything that does not behave as expected please contact us or leave a comment below.

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  1. Gillian Wade

    Congratulations on the brilliant new site – hopefully it will extract more money and support for the Team. Gratefully, it’s been another year without my needing your help. Another donation is on the way, with my thanks, so you can be there for those who do need you.

    1. Jon Lynch

      Thank you for the promise of a donation, and the compliment on the site! Fingers crossed that you never need our help.

  2. Paul

    Nice modern looking website guys. Well done.
    One small problem. The homepage won’t load properly on an iPad !!
    Loads then turns into a blank page.. doh……
    If you stop the page before it’s fully loaded all is well.

    1. Jon Lynch

      Thank you Paul, Could you please try again now, it was a problem I fixed on the iPhone and I have now applied the same fix to the iPad (fingers crossed)

      1. Paul

        Sorted. That was a quick fix……..

  3. Marie Haynes-Perks

    Hello all,

    Love the new website :). Hope all is well up in Cumbria, hope to be staying there, albeit briefly, over next few days.

    All the best,

    M 🙂

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