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50th Anniversary Book – Mountain Rescue In Wasdale

A book has been pulled together to celebrate the first 50 years of Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (WMRT). All funds raised from the sales of the publication will be used to fund the future operation of the team.

Fifty years is a long time and this publication would not have been possible without the contributions …

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Make a Donation

Registered Charity No 1020136 (Association)

Registered Charity No 1170178 (CIO)

The team relies almost totally on donations received from the public. Charitable gifts are always gratefully received. As well as needing money to replace ageing equipment and vehicles we require funds for more mundane costs such as utilities, fuel and maintenance.

1. Donations …

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Team Shop (Provided by Coniston Corporate)

The team has got together with Coniston Corporate to provide a range of high quality clothing and other items for supporters to purchase with profits received by the rescue team.

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Supporters’ Club

The aim of our supporters’ club is simple, but vital to the continued success of the team:

To support and help raise funds for the team – also to promote safety awareness for those who love the outdoors.

This page contains a list of our valued supporters’ club members as well as details on joining.

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In Memory

This page and the pages it links to are dedicated to the memory of Elliot Wilson who tragically died at the age of 24 following an accident. Elliot was a free spirit who loved the Lake District and it was his story that moved me to the idea of an “In Memory” page. We …

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Supporting Companies

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team is extremely grateful to the following companies who support us. If you are interested in supporting the team (and promoting your business to visitors to the Wasdale and Eskdale valleys on this website) you can contact us for further information.

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