Piers Gill – Scafell Pike

Piers Gill

Piers Gill


Piers Gill is the deep cut gill which the Corridor Route crosses 200m after leaving Lingmell Col on the descent from the Pike. Piers Gill, itself, is a ‘canyon’ descent with several short pitches and one longer one; do not attempt to walk down the bed of the stream!!

There is a path on the NE( river right) bank.  This path has very steep sections next to large drops into the gill – there have been several serious accidents in this area in recent years.  Also, after a bad rock step the path crosses Greta Gill which can be hazardous or impossible if the weather is wet. If you find yourself in difficulties on this path then, it is probably safer to,  turn around and retrace your steps to the corridor route.

There is no path on the W ( river left ) bank and indeed there have been fatalities in this area in recent years. 

If you intend to descend by the Corridor Route then make sure that you go all they way round the corner of the Piers Gill crossing and actually slightly uphill to follow the path, well away from Piers Gill, which leads down to Styhead.

If you are at the head of Piers Gill and want to go to Wasdale via Hollowstones then, if you face downhill looking down the stream, Wasdale is uphill to your left.  Follow the Corridor route, south west,  over Lingmell Col, but continue on and down into Hollowstones rather than following the Corridor Route up the Pike.

One further point, there is no mobile phone coverage in the area around the gill!

Top of Piers Gill.


Just after crossing the top of Piers Gill the path splits – take the right hand branch for the Corridor Route.  The Corridor Route goes uphill slightly before continuing to descend to Styhead.  There is a rock step on the Corridor Route at the head Greta Gill (Greta is the next major stream crossing on the way down after Piers Gill). Once across Greta Gill do not follow what appears to be a track down the north bank ( river right )of Greta Gill.  This track is unconsolidated and has steep drops into Greta Gill; it isn’t the continuation of the Corridor Route.

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Our Callout Archive: Piers Gill – Scafell Pike

Skew Gill, Great End – Sat 3rd Feb 2018 – Callout 3 in 2018

We were called by Police about 2 walkers reported overdue from a walk on Scafell Pike. Using the ‘find my iPhone’ function it was determined they were likely to be somewhere near the Corridor Route. Search teams were deployed from Wasdale & Keswick Teams along with a Coastguard Helicopter from Prestwick. The missing walkers were …

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Upper Eskdale – Sun 14th Jan 2018 – Callout 2 in 2018

The team spent 3 days searching for a missing walker on Scafell Pike. The walker was initially reported overdue from a walk on Scafell Pike on Sunday 14th January at 19:00. Team members who had already been to an injured walker near the summit searched in foul conditions but without success. Assistance was requested from …

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Scafell Pike – Sun 14th Jan 2018 – Callout 1 in 2018

A walker reported they were now stuck after sliding some distance down snow. The walker was located near Dropping Crag on Scafell Pike. After medical assessment it was determined they had injured their shoulder and had other bumps and bruises but after some simple analgesia were able to walk off.

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Eskdale – Tue 28th Nov 2017 – Callout 101 in 2017

Team called this evening for a combination of shouts heard in the Brotherikeld area and 2 walkers reported overdue from a walk. Team members went to the area to see if they could hear the shouts or spot the walkers and in the end the walkers returned safe & well and the shouts, which were …

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Scafell Pike – Sat 25th Nov 2017 – Callout 100 in 2017 (limited)

We were called by Police about a walker reported overdue from a trip up Scafell Pike the previous day. Car parks and roads in Wasdale & Eskdale were checked by Police and team members but no trace of the walkers vehicle was found. A limited search was started later on to look again for the …

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Pillar – Sat 18th Nov 2017 – Callout 99 in 2017

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who were descending a gill below Wistow Crags on Pillar. One of the walkers had taken a short tumble in the gill banging their head and injuring their arm. Due to the unusual location a short search was needed to locate the walkers who were found in …

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Scafell Pike – Sun 12th Nov 2017 – Callout 98 in 2017 (limited)

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who’d become stuck on the summit of Scafell Pike. The weather was very cold and windy and they were encouraged to start walking down towards Wasdale in what was left of the daylight. Sarloc was used to track their progress. They were then met by team members …

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Hardknott Pass – Fri 3rd Nov 2017 – Callout 97 in 2017

The team was alerted by NWAS after an 18 year old female came off her bike descending Hardknott. With info a little sketchy and knowing a fall off a bike on Harknott isn’t much fun the team was called to base while further info was gathered.  After a call to the informant to gather further …

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Middleboot Knotts, Scafell Pike – Tue 31st Oct 2017 – Callout 96 in 2017 (limited)

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who had become lost whilst descending Scafell Pike. Using Sarloc their position was established as Middleboot Knotts below the Corridor Route in difficult terrain.  After initial attempts to guide them off the hill over the phone failed,  a small team headed up the hill. The walkers were …

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Illgill Head – Thu 26th Oct 2017 – Callout 95 in 2017

Thursday evening saw the ream called again after someone reported seeing a torch light plashing SOS above the Wasdale Head campsite. A local team member had already headed up the hill to investigate and soon reported back to the Team Leader there was a female with a broken ankle near the Ill Gill Head intake …

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