Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team has been assisting people in the western fells of the Lake District for over 50 years. We cover England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, and respond to over one hundred calls for help each year. The team consists of approximately forty ‘professional volunteers’ who give their time to help those in need, whatever the weather, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information please read our about page. We rely on generous donations from the public to fund the team. Once a year, we recruit a new intake of probationary members.

Recent Rescues

Scafell Pike – Tue 19th Jan 2021

We were called by the police about 2 walkers who reported themselves lost in the snow, they thought near the summit of Scafell Pike. Text Messages were sent, but it wasn’t possible to speak to them until some time later, by which time they had found a path and were making their way off the hill. 1 team member went in search of the car to leave a message asking them to get in touch when they were down, which they did. They managed to get themselves off the hill without the team having to deploy.

Hardknott Pass – Mon 4th Jan 2021

The team were called by the police after a driver reported himself stuck on Hardknott Pass. He was not injured. Because there would have been a long wait for a recovery vehicle, and the weather was very cold, a small group of team members were asked to attend, taking extra warm clothing with them. They stayed on scene until the recovery vehicle arrived.

Wilton – Fri 1st Jan 2021

The team leader was notified by the ambulance service of an ambulance stuck on ice in Wilton. The crew were unable to drive up hill. A 4×4 vehicle was dispatched with two team members to drive the paramedics to the property. Two more team members were instructed to wait at home in case their assistance was required. The casualty was dealt with and the paramedics were returned to the ambulance.

Corridor Route, Scafell Pike – Thu 24th Dec 2020

The team leader was contacted by Cumbria police about a young man missing, last seen on the Corridor route at 1400. He was walking back from the summit of Scafell Pike with his father when they separated because they were walking at different paces. The father reported his son missing when he arrived at Wasdale Head. One team member was tasked to go to Wasdale Head to speak to the father and try to gain more information as the team was put on stand by. Fortunately the son turned up at their car and the team leader was notified. The…

Burnmoor Tarn – Sat 19th Dec 2020

2 walkers reported themselves lost descending Scafell Pike, they were well equipped and had head torches. A small team, together with Jess the search dog were mobilised to find them. One of the lost walkers had taken a photo from their location. Their father sent the team leader the photo that confirmed they were near Burnmoor Tarn. The lost walkers were found by Jess near to Brackenclose and were then met by the other team members.

Green Hole, Upper Eskdale – Sat 19th Dec 2020

2 people reported themselves lost in the Green Hole area of upper Eskdale. They were advised by the team leader to follow the river out of the valley. Phone communication was lost so a small team were mobilised to meet them coming out. 1 team member met them at Brotherilkeld farm to confirm they were ok, the team were then stood down.