Callouts and Alerts Between 1st January 2019 and 19th June 2019

1. Great Hell Gate, Great Gable - Limited Callout - 16:10 Sun 6th Jan 2019

We were called by Police about a group of 3 walkers who reported themselves cragfast in the Great Hell Gate area on Great Gable after taking a wrong turn on their descent. Their precise position was established using PhoneFind then a small team went on the fell to find the group, provide them with helmets and warm clothing and then walk them back to Wasdale via the Climbers Traverse path.


2. Scafell Pike - Alert - 16:09 Mon 7th Jan 2019

We were called by Police about reports of a group of walkers overdue from Scafell Pike and possible sightings of flashing lights observed at Seathwaite in Borrowdale. As the lights were more likely to be on the Borrowdale side our colleagues in Keswick Team kindly agreed to take on the incident and the walkers returned soon after, safe and well.


3. Birker Fell - Limited Callout - 22:09 Fri 18th Jan 2019

The Team was called out to help our colleagues from Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team recover stranded motorists on Birker Fell. Winter conditions can easily transform fell roads and render them impassable.


4. Dent Fell - Limited Callout - 13:48 Sun 20th Jan 2019

The team was called to assist a small group of teenagers who had got lost on Dent fell. Using phone find technology we quickly located the group and team members escorted the group back to the road.


5. Scoat Fell - Full Callout - 16:39 Fri 25th Jan 2019

We were called by Police about a group of walkers, one of whom had become incapacitated due to severe leg cramps and could no longer walk. It was originally difficult to phone the group back to determine a precise position so a search was started. In view of the location and amount of ground to cover our colleagues in Cockermouth Team joined the search and located the walkers on the Scoat Fell Ridge. Three were walked down but the fourth needed to be taken by stretcher down into Ennerdale and was then reunited with other members of their party and driven back to Wasdale.


6. Piers Gill, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 15:20 Sat 26th Jan 2019

We were called by Police about a group of walkers who phoned in to report themselves lost whilst descending Scafell Pike, after which their emergency call cut out and no further details were available. It was difficult to phone them back but understood their position was close to the Piers - Straight Gill junction. A callout was initiated but after a while it was possible to speak with the party who were now making their own way off the fell and no longer needed assistance and we stood down.


7. Dent Fell - Callout - 02:52 Sat 9th Feb 2019

In the early hours of this morning the team were asked by Cumbria Police to assist with searching for a missing person in the Dent Fell area. As the team were deploying the missing person was found and we stood down.


8. Dent Fell - Full Callout - 11:56 Fri 15th Feb 2019

We were called by NWAS about a walker who became unwell whilst ascending Dent Fell near Cleator Moor. The walker managed to make their own way down to the car park where they were met by team members and then handed over to NWAS Paramedics.


9. Scafell - Alert - 18:07 Fri 22nd Feb 2019

The team received a call this evening to reports of flashing lights in the Scafell area.  The team were put on standby; however after talking to the informant and a team member investigating from the valley floor it is believed to be a false alarm with good intent.


10. High Scarth Crag, Eskdale - Full Callout - 18:11 Sun 10th Mar 2019

Team called this evening for a group who had initially become separated from each other and  having difficulty navigating off the hill. We initially offered assistance over the phone while sending a team out to ensure they made it down. The party was eventually located and safely returned to their vehicles.


11. Wastwater Screes - Limited Callout - 15:09 Tue 19th Mar 2019

The team received a call from Cumbria Police on Wednesday 20th March reporting 2x adults with dog stuck on the boulder field area at the bottom of Wasdale screes. One person had taken a small stumble fall and sustained injuries to their head and knee. A small group of team members located the people and dog, gave first aid and escorted them safely back to their vehicle.


12. Lingmell - Full Callout - 18:27 Wed 10th Apr 2019

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who reported themselves crag fast whilst ascending the fell from Wasdale. Using PhoneFind their position was established as being on the West Face of Lingmell, overlooking Wasdale Head Inn. A team member who was in the area went to the scene and helped to escort the 2 walkers up to the main path. They were then walked down the fell being joined by other team members along the way.


13. Ill Crag - Full Callout - 15:02 Tue 23rd Apr 2019

Weather: Clear and sunny. The team was called this afternoon for a lone female walker, lost and crag fast. Her position was quickly identified by Phonefind and she was contacted by mobile phone. Having no map, compass or mountain experience and being too scared to move, in a complex area of steep ground, it was decided to make a full call out to retrieve her. She was found by two team members and helped back onto safer ground. Then, with assistance from the rest of the team, was walked back down to Wasdale Head.


14. Lingmell Col, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 12:30 Sun 28th Apr 2019

Full Callout, Scafell Pike Path, Lingmell Col We were called by NWAS about a walker who had slipped whilst ascending Scafell Pike on the main path near Lingmell Col sustaining a blow to their head and arm / hand injuries. The team was out training in the nearby Red Gill area on Scafell and team members were soon on scene. The casualty was assessed and then packaged for the journey down to Brackenclose by stretcher before being handed on to the NWAS ambulance.


15. Broad Crag - Limited Callout - 14:17 Wed 1st May 2019

We were called by police about 2 walkers who had become lost somewhere on Scafell Pike. Using "phonefind" technology, their location was pinpointed as Broad Crag, on steep craggy round to the north of the summit. A small group of team members found them and assisted them off the bad ground, safeguarded by ropes. They then walked down to Wasdale with the team members.


16. Upper Eskdale - Alert - 07:49 Fri 3rd May 2019

Team called this morning about 3 walkers reporting themselves lost whilst on a walk up Scafell Pike. Their position was established using PhoneFind and then they were given directions to enable them to make their own way off the fell. They were later met by a team member on a walk who helped them back to the road.


17. Christcliffe, Eskdale - Full Callout - 16:46 Thu 9th May 2019

We were called by Police about a walker who'd slipped whilst descending a path above Christcliffe Farm in Eskdale, felt their knee 'pop' and could no longer walk. The casualty was assessed at the scene, pain relief was given and the leg splinted and then they were carried down to the road by stretcher.


18. Broad Crag Col, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 12:09 Wed 22nd May 2019

The team was called out to assist a walker who had broken her wrist on Scafell Pike, above Broad Crag Col. The team splinted the arm and helped her walk down to Wasdale Head.


19. Upper Eskdale - Limited Callout - 17:19 Sun 26th May 2019

Weather : Rain moving to sunny Team called this evening for 2 walkers who reported themselves lost and struggling to make progress after a walk on Scafell Pike. Their position was determined by PhoneFind as being at the very top of Eskdale and they were given some directions to start making their own way off the fell whilst team members walked up to meet them.


20. Esk Hause - Alert - 18:46 Thu 30th May 2019

We were called by Police about a walker who'd torn their quad muscle and could no longer walk. Due to their position and intended location the call was passed to Keswick MRT to deal with.


21. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 17:28 Sat 1st Jun 2019

Weather : Overcast The team was called this evening for a walker who'd slipped on damp stones on the Brown Tongue path injuring their ankle and unable to weight bear. The injury was assessed on scene, splinted and then the casualty was carried down to Brackenclose.


22. Great Gable - Alert - 21:52 Sun 2nd Jun 2019

We were called by Police about a walker reporting himself lost and exhausted after returning from a walk up Scafell Pike. Location information from his phone call suggested the walker was just below Gable Crag and in Cockermouth Team's area so the incident was passed on to them.


23. Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 23:50 Mon 3rd Jun 2019

Weather : Hill Fog Team called by Police about a walker reported missing from a trip up Scafell Pike. As the walker was on their own a search was mounted over night to try to locate them. Team members from Wasdale and Duddon teams searched areas around Scafell Pike. Around 0600 the Duddon team made a find under Chambers Crag on the east face of Scafell Pike. Due to the difficult location further support was requested and the Cockermouth Team also joined the rescue along with the Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon. Unfortunately the walker did not survive their injuries and are thoughts are with their family and friends.


24. Lords Rake, Scafell - Full Callout - 18:06 Wed 5th Jun 2019

Weather : Misty We were called by Police about 2 walkers reporting themselves crag fast after loosing the route on Lord's Rake and getting into steep ground. Their location was determine using PhoneFind. Team members then went to the location and using ropes extricated them from the crag and then walked back down to Wasdale.


25. Penny Hill, Eskdale - Full Callout - 20:51 Sat 8th Jun 2019

Weather : Clear Team called this evening for a walker who'd taken a tumble off a crag and sustained leg and pelvic injuries. NWAS Paramedics were already on scene providing casualty care. Team helped to package the casualty and then move them down the slope to where the Coastguard Helicopter was waiting to take the casualty to hospital.


26. Muncaster Fell - Full Callout - 12:46 Tue 11th Jun 2019

Team called this afternoon to support NWAS with a cyclist who’d become unwell whilst on the Eskdale trail. First responders and paramedics were already on scene. The team carried the casualty the short distance to the waiting ambulance.


27. Slight Side, Scafell - Limited Callout - 20:05 Fri 14th Jun 2019

Team called this evening for 3 walkers who'd reported themselves lost after a walk on Scafell Pike. Their position was established using PhoneFine as being between Slight Side and High Scarth Crag. They were given some directions over the phone to start making their way off the mountain and were then met by team members near Taw House in Eskdale.