Incidents Between 1st January 2020 and 24th September 2020

Start date:
End date:

1. Pillar - Alert - 10:00 Wed 1st Jan 2020

The team was alerted after 2 walkers had failed to return to their accommodation, this was quickly determined to be the same 2 rescued the previous night by Cockermouth.


2. Cumbria - Limited Callout - 12:00 Sat 15th Feb 2020

Storm Dennis Silver Support


3. Corney Fell - Full Callout - 12:33 Fri 28th Feb 2020

The team were asked by our neighbouring team Duddon & Furness MRT to help rescue the occupants of some vehicles which had become stranded near the summit of Corney Fell Pass. Three vehicles were deployed from the Eskdale side and helped the Duddon team bring down the occupants back to safety.


4. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 15:52 Sat 29th Feb 2020

A team member who was already on the hill was asked for help by a party whom had become seperated and were also struggling to cross Lingmell Gill at the bottom of the Brown Tongue path. Additional team members were deployed on scene, whom were able to help locate all members of the party at get them back to the valley floor safely before the full force of Storm Jorge hit later that evening.


5. Scafell - Full Callout - 12:46 Wed 11th Mar 2020

The first incident of the day was for someone reported missing on scafell after descending the wrong way from the summit and trying to retrace their route back up. The missing person was located cold and wet and escorted off the hill by team members.


6. Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 14:28 Wed 11th Mar 2020

The second incident of the day was for an individual who went over on their ankle on their descent from Scafell Pike. This job came in just as we were deploying to the first incident and some team members diverted to assist the walker who was able to walk off the hill slowly.


7. Scafell - Full Callout - 17:21 Wed 11th Mar 2020

Just as the previous two incidents were coming to a close we received our third call! An individual reported themselves lost and off track on Scafell Pike and requested MR assistance. It turned out the individual was Scafell, rather than Scafell Pike, and after requesting assistance from Duddon and Furness MRT to locate the individual they where found soon and walked off the mountain.


8. Eskdale - Full Callout - 15:31 Sat 14th Mar 2020

The team were called assist the NWAS after being  lady was reported to be fitting a short distance from the road end in Eskdale.  When the team arrived she had been assessed by the paramedics and escorted to the waiting ambulance.


9. Scafell Pike - Alert - 17:02 Sat 14th Mar 2020

The team were called by Cumbria police after a member of the public hear shouts for help. The lost individual subsequently was picked up by another walker and also met up with the informant. The team remained on standby until the party was off the hill.


10. Gosforth Bridalways - Full Callout - 13:42 Fri 8th May 2020

Due to the great support from everybody it has been almost 2 months since our last call out. On behalf of all the team thank you to all those whom have followed government advice during this difficult time. Not all of our call outs are mountain related and from time to time we are tasked in support of the Ambulance crews. So last Friday the team was called out to help a lady who had injured herself whilst taking her daily exercise local to her home. The team helped the Ambulance crew to safely transport the lady to the nearest road where she was the transferred to an Ambulance and taken to hospital. The casualty had been assessed at scene and was considered low risk from COVID-19. However, due to the risk of people being asymptomatic, we use PPE when in close proximity to protect both the casualty and the team members.


11. Piers Gill, Scafell Pike - Limited Callout - 18:30 Wed 20th May 2020

Team Members were called out by Cumbria Police in search of two lost persons who reported themselves to be lost in poor visibility and in the vicinity of Piers Gill, one of Wasdale's main accident blackspots. Immediately recognising the potential consequences associated to the difficult ground with that area, the Team Leader following current MREW COVID-19 protocols, deployed our rescuers and the Teams search dog Jess and her handler. As soon as Jess arrived on location she was very quickly able to locate the lost persons in the mist and reducing light. Team Members immediately assessed the situation from the risks associated with COVID-19, and were able to confirm this risk to be minimal. After an initial welfare check the gentleman and his son were issued with a head torch each and safely guided back down to the valley bottom by the rest of the team, maintaining social distancing throughout.


12. Lingmell Col, Scafell Pike - Alert - 09:34 Sun 24th May 2020

The team was alerted by Cumbria Police this morning for a gentleman and his teenage son who had became lost whilst descending from the summit of Scafell Pike. The pair had become disorientated due to the reduced visibility and the windy conditions and strayed from their desired route. When the pair came across what is thought to be the head of Piers Gill, they sensibly retraced their steps and made the call for help. Using PhoneFind the Team Leader was able to pin point their location and safely talk the pair back to the main tourist path and familiar ground. The pair were then able to make it back down to their vehicle on their own steam. Adventure Smart UK - Lake District Cumbria:


13. Lowther Forest - Limited Callout - 15:05 Sat 13th Jun 2020

The team was called by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to assist a cyclist who had sustained a shoulder injury after falling of their bike on a rough track. Based on the casualties’ location sometimes ambulance crews can find it both difficult in accessing the casualty site or safely transferring the casualty to the ambulance. On this occasion the cyclist was able to walk to the ambulance and thus we were stood down.


14. Scafell Pike - Alert - 22:45 Sat 13th Jun 2020

A walker had reported to Cumbria Police that he had split up from his 2 friends after descending from the summit of Scafell Pike. The informant had reached the valley floor first and after a time become concerned for the others safety. In response to this report a team member was sent to Wasdale Head to talk to the friend and try to gain more information, during which time the pair turned up safe and well.


15. Sty Head - Full Callout - 09:49 Sun 14th Jun 2020

A young female sustained a lower leg and ankle injury at Sty Head Tarn. Many of the team were already on the hill for a training exercise and thus were able to divert direct to the casualty site. The injury was treated on site and the casualty stretchered off the hill down to Seathwaite in Borrowdale. Keswick MRT was met by Wasdale MRT on the descent to take over the care of the casualty, many thanks to their support. Wasdale MRT then retraced their steps back to Wasdale; unfortunately the training was abandoned for the day.


16. Kern Knotts, Great Gable - Limited Callout - 15:01 Mon 15th Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being stuck on steep, loose scree, having missed the descent path of Great Gable. The team was able to locate the three and safely assist them off the difficult ground with the aid of ropes and then escorted them back to Wasdale.


17. Scafell - Alert - 15:21 Sun 21st Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being lost in poor visibility whilst descending off Scafell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly. Two team members who were on the hill already were able to intercept them on their way back and escort them on the final leg back to their vehicle.  


18. Scafell - Full Callout - 13:42 Sat 27th Jun 2020

Two walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being lost in poor visibility near the summit of Sca Fell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly and then contact them by mobile. After initially directing them to safer ground, team members were deployed to their immediate location and after intial warming and refuelling help them back down to the valley floor. Thank you to Cumbria Police and NWAS for there continued vigilance and support.


19. Scafell - Limited Callout - 21:49 Thu 2nd Jul 2020

Two walkers reported themselves lost to Cumbria Police in the Quagrigg Moss Area near Scafell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly and then contact them by mobile, they were directed to walk towards Oliver Gill and then onto Burnmoor Tarn. A team was deployed, including our search dog Jess; they met the walkers just north of Burnmoor Tarn and walked them safely back to their cars.


20. Caw Fell, Cold Fell - Limited Callout - 14:59 Sat 4th Jul 2020

The call came in for two women lost in the Cold fell area. They were cold, wet, totally lost but very apologetic. Following a phone find location and after a few conversations on the phone, a limited call out was initiated to find them. Most team members met up at an RV point on Cold fell and mobile 2 deployed as well as Jess. Whilst the team were walking to the location the mispers were advised to walk down hill with the beck on their left hand side to meet up with the team. A relay was used at Skalderskew farm which worked really well in keeping a good line of communication between base and team members.


21. Calf Cove, Great End - Full Callout - 20:57 Thu 9th Jul 2020

A call came in at 20.57 from a lone male with severe cramp, unable to move and very frightened. Police tracking had located the casualty at the far end of Upper Eskdale, given the location, the team took an early decision to ask for assistance from the Coastguard Helicopter as well as asking for a back up ground team from Duddon & Furness MRT. The Wasdale team members were split into two groups to approach the casualty on foot from Wasdale and Eskdale. The helicopter located the casualty, picked him up and delivered him to the Eskdale search group close to Taw House farm. This saved a long night of searching and stretcher carry for all concerned. A taxi was arranged for the casualty to take him to Borrowdale. Thanks to Duddon MRT for their support on a miserable night, and the coastguard for their assistance on this incident.


22. Dore Head, Yewbarrow - Full Callout - 16:08 Tue 14th Jul 2020

A call came in at 16:08 from North West Ambulance Service regarding a 62 year old man who had sustained a head injury following a 30m (approx..)fall whilst descending the washed-out scree slope below Dore Head, Yewbarrow, Mosedale. With no further information on severity of injury, but potentially serious and on difficult, steep and loose ground which would have required a dangerous stretcher carry, a coastguard helicopter was called for straight away. As the team were leaving Wasdale Head a report came in that the casualty had recovered sufficiently to be able to walk down and he was met by team members not far above Ritson’s Force. The helicopter was stood down as it was approx. 20 minutes out and the team returned to base. Many thanks to the helicopter crew from Caernafon for scrambling to this incident.


23. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 19:42 Tue 14th Jul 2020

A call came in from North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) regarding a walker who was cold and unable to move his legs at all. Initially, no further information other than his position was on Brown Tongue path. A full team callout was made for a potential stretcher carry and two team members were tasked to start immediately with bivvy shelter and warm clothing whilst the rest of the team assembled. As we were making our way to the location, the casualty party made a further call to NWAS that the casualty was suffering breathing difficulties and was drowsy. This information triggered a positive response to the COVID-19 risk assessment that has now to be carried out for all rescues. However, it was also reported that the casualty was beginning to make his way down again. He was soon intercepted by the advance party who continued to walk him off the mountain, keeping at least 2m away and upwind. Once in the ambulance he was assessed by the team doctor and ambulance crew to be showing no symptoms of COVID-19.


24. Styhead Path, Great Gable - Full Callout - 18:19 Sat 18th Jul 2020

We were called by Cumbria Police to say a 64 year old female had tripped and injured her ankle. There was no mobile phone signal at the location so her husband had to walk to the nearest farm (Burnthwaite) to summon help. He was able to give a good description of the location some 200-300 metres beyond the intake wall on the lower Sty Head path. A full team call out was initiated, and the team briefed at base. Two team members were asked to go direct as an advance party. They found the casualty just beyond the intake wall, having been carried there piggy-back by a passing paramedic! Many thanks to him for that and for his medical help. The injured leg was splinted and the lady was transported by stretcher (and wheel) to the waiting ambulance at Burnthwaite. Although the weather was fine and dry, it was exceptionally wet underfoot following torrential overnight rain. A team member was COVID-19 "safety officer", ensuring that social distancing was maintained throughout (all in necessary PPE). Following the incident, decontamination and quarantining at base took place.


25. Great Hell Gate, Great Gable - Full Callout - 18:56 Sat 18th Jul 2020

While the team was mobilising for the previous incident, a call came in from Cumbria Police to say 2 walkers had reported themselves stuck on steep unstable ground. Using "phonefind" their location was pinpointed as Great Hell Gate on Great Gable. They were uninjured. A team member, already on the hill, was fortuitously not far away and made his way to them. Another team member diverted from the previous job and took spare clothing and a short rope, in case it should be needed. The walkers were escorted onto the climbers traverse path and down to Burnthwaite via Gavel Neese. All casualties were COVID-19 negative but again, social distancing was well maintained throughout.


26. Straight Gill, Lingmell - Limited Callout - 19:37 Mon 20th Jul 2020

The team were in Eskdale taking part in a training exercise when a call came through at 19:37 from 2 walkers who reported themselves stuck on steep ground, they were not sure of their location, but confirmed that they were uninjured. The team leader was able to talk to them and establish a likely location, which was subsequently confirmed as Lingmell Crag through Phone Find. Having left the training exercise team members made their way to the summit of Lingmell. Fortunately, another team member was already in the vicinity, he was able to get close enough to pinpoint them and act as a spotter to guide other team members in, as the walkers could not be seen from above. Another team member was also able to make visual contact before the light faded. From the summit of Lingmell the team were able to descend on ropes to the walkers. 300m of rope were used to make the team members and casualties safe and help them up to the top. The team and casualties then descended to Brackenclose. Once back at base, vehicles and kit were decontaminated or quarantined.


27. Upper Eskdale - Full Callout - 18:19 Tue 21st Jul 2020

The team deployed in response to a report of a lady asking for help whom had possibly sustained a foot injury whilst swimming in the Upper Eskdale area. Whilst the team were heading to the reported location, further information was received from the original informant that the party in question had possibly self-rescued back to their own vehicle and gone to Hospital under their own steam. A team member was sent to the original location just to confirm the report and found nobody to be there. The team was stood down from that point and we returned to base. Should you no longer require assistance from Mountain rescue them please let the team or the police know.  


28. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Limited Callout - 17:31 Fri 24th Jul 2020

At Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team we recognise that our mission “To save life and alleviate distress” extends further than just the visitors and the local community who visit or live within our area of responsibility. Having team members with their own pampered pooches at home and also our very own much adored search dog Jess, we recognise the distress that both an animal can feel and also that of their owners. Therefore, last night when Cumbria Police contacted us about a St. Bernard dog (Daisy) who had collapsed whilst descending from the summit of Scafell Pike and therefore unable to carry on; our members didn’t need to think twice about mobilising and deploying to help retrieve Daisy off England’s highest. Displaying signs of pain in her rear legs and refusing to move, Daisy’s owners were able to keep her well hydrated and fed until team members were able to get on scene with a stretcher to help get them moving again quickly as the weather was due to deteriorate later that evening. In advance of getting on location advice had been sought from several local vets regarding pain relief, possible issues specific to that breed of dog and how best to handle them in such stressful situations. On reaching their location, team members carefully introduced themselves to Daisy so as not to cause any additional distress, and with the help of a treat or two members were able to assess her condition and administer analgesia for the pain. A few different tactics needed to be tried until both Daisy and her stretcher bearers were all satisfied and progress down-hill could be made. It had become quickly apparent that Daisy’s cooperation was going to be essential if we were to make progress as Daisy made sure we knew that if she didn’t want to do something, she wasn’t going to do it. However, after a little persuasion and a bit of arranging the stretcher to become dog friendly and of course plenty more treats, the 55kg Daisy very quickly settled down with her chin resting on the head guard, having realised that we were trying to help her. From there on, apart from the odd little adjustment, the evacuation was found to be not that much different to a normal adult evacuation which is of course is the bread and butter of our team, which we have done hundreds of times before. The adorable Daisy who unfortunately had a hard start in life until she was “rescued” by her current owners a few months ago, has since been reported to have had a good night’s sleep, snoring a little louder than normal, but back to her usual high spirits this morning. She apparently feels a bit guilty and slightly embarrassed about letting down the image of her cousins bouncing across the Alpine snows with barrels of brandy around their necks. Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank both West Lakeland Veterinary Group and Galemire Veterinary Hospital who got in touch and gave invaluable advice and support. Finally, a massive whole 55kg thank you to Daisy the St Bernard who was so well behaved throughout the whole rescue, the perfect casualty you could say.


29. Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike - Alert - 22:38 Fri 24th Jul 2020

The team leader was alerted by Cumbria Police after a walker reported themselves lost.  Using PhoneFind they were able to confirm the walkers location and gave directions. Once they found the stretcher box and the footpath they descended down the hill with a couple of PhoneFind checks to confirm they were heading in the right direction.  The walker later contacted the team leader to confirm he was off the hill.


30. Lingmell Beck - Alert - 05:13 Sat 25th Jul 2020

A pair of walkers were undertaking the 3 peaks over the weekend and had set off in poor weather with sufficient wet weather gear, a map and compass etc, around half way up they made the wise decision to turn around but when they arrived back at Lingmell Beck they realised it had risen considerably.  After a discussion with the team leader they were happy to sit and wait for a couple of hours to see if there river would drop. Some time later they contacted the team leader to confirm the river level has dropped and was now passable.


31. Scafell Pike - Alert - 22:54 Sat 25th Jul 2020

The team leader was alerted after a callers son had failed to return from a walk up Scafell Pike.  As the team leader was starting to gathering further information the informant contacted the police to say their son had turned up.


32. Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike - Alert - 07:36 Sun 26th Jul 2020

This morning, the Team Leader took a call from Cumbria Police about two males who had become lost in poor visibility, close to the summit of Scafell Pike. Whilst the Team Leader was making initial contact with the pair a second group of males, whom were also lost appeared in the same location. The Team Leader was then able to talk both groups back to the summit path and eventually back down to the valley floor. The initial group informed Cumbria Police when they were back at their vehicles safely and thus the log could be closed.


33. Greta Gill, Scafell Pike - Limited Callout - 12:20 Sun 26th Jul 2020

The Team Leader took a call from Cumbria police regarding a dog that had been found and reported as deceased on the fell. As with the recent rescue of Daisy the St Bernard dog, volunteers were asked if they would be happy to help recover the body. As expected, team members were quick to offer their support and six members of the team, including new probationary members went out to compassionately retrieve the dog and take her to a local veterinary practice, so the owner could collect her from there. A very sad situation that is always met with the upmost empathy by the Team and its members.


34. Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 21:39 Sun 26th Jul 2020

This evening a Father and two sons contacted Cumbria Police to report themselves lost in the Scafell Pike area in extremely poor weather and visibility. Having set off from Seathwaite in Borrowdale they became disorientated in the poor conditions and were no longer able to follow the route up to the Pike. Due to their phone batteries going flat the Team Leader was unable to either make contact or accurately identify their location. Based on information provided by the police at the initial stages of the call out, a team member was able to provide an area in which to focus on and a team was sent out with the search dog Jess to cover that area. As nothing was found over night, the hill party's were recalled to base and the search moved into a second phase and in preparation for a wider search additional resources were requested. Members from Keswick MRT, Duddon & Furness MRT, SARDA Lakes and RAF Leeming MRT responded to the request. However, having spent an uncomfortable night out in dreadful conditions, the family were able to make their own way down to the Wasdale valley floor at first light. Wasdale MRT would like to thank the other voluntary Mountain Rescue Teams and RAF Leeming MRT that were able to quickly respond and provide support and advice.


35. Sty Head - Alert - 14:30 Mon 27th Jul 2020

A call came in for some walkers with inadequate kit struggling to keep warm at Styhead. Keswick MRT was quick to get in touch with the Wasdale Team Leader to inform us it was a duplicate log of an incident that Keswick MRT were already dealing with. Due to the quick effective comms of the Keswick Team Leader, very little action was required by Wasdale Team, other than a few phone calls.


36. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Alert - 16:55 Mon 27th Jul 2020

Two walkers reported themselves as lost to Cumbria Police after they had become disorientated in poor weather and visibility after descending to the lower slopes of Scafell Pike on their return journey. The Team Leader was able to locate the lost persons via a PhoneFind and then safely talk them down to the valley floor after which the log could be closed.


37. Criscliffe Knotts, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 14:48 Wed 29th Jul 2020

The team deployed to what was reported as an Ankle injury on the Corridor route near Criscliffe Knotts. As a stretcher carry from there is very difficult in any direction and there was no clear information about the extent of injuries or medical condition was available due to lack of communication with the casualty, a Coastguard Helicopter was requested. Rescue 199 was quick to respond and within 40 mins was on location. The team deployed as always, but the Rescue 199 was able to quickly deal with the incident and the casualty was flown direct to Carlisle Hospital for further treatment. Thank you for the quick response by the Coastguard and the one team member of the advance party who just managed to make it on scene as the casualty was being lifted.


38. Broad Stand, Scafell - Full Callout - 13:19 Fri 31st Jul 2020

A call came in from the police about 2 people stuck on a ‘cliff face’. The eastings and northings provided put the people by Broad Stand close to the abseil point. The team were deployed in two vehicles with 2 members making their own way by car. The crag fast people were quickly secured and made safe by the advanced party upon arrival and lowered to the second party of team members at the bottom of Broad Stand. The walkers were escorted off the hill to carry on in their own car back to the hotel in Bowness.


39. Central Fells - Full Callout - 21:03 Tue 4th Aug 2020

Langdale & Ambleside MRT Team Leader informed Wasdale MRT Team Leader that a party of six mountain bikers had been reported overdue. The intended route was to travel from Windermere to Wasdale Head via road and Fell. The informant, a family member, had been waiting at the Wasdale Head Inn for their arrival and when it became dark; Cumbria Police were called, and an overdue report was made. Supported by Langdale & Ambleside, Keswick and Duddon & Furness MRTs, investigations were made including analysis of mobile phone use, understanding what their intentions were and what type of decisions would most likely have been made based on how their day might have developed. With very little information to confirm a route and a location to possibly search, and that the overdue party had not called 999 themselves, Team members were sent out in vehicles to search the roads and Pubs between Langdale and Wasdale. Early this morning after a quick discussion on possible search routes, groups of Team members were put out to check these routes. However, after a very cold, uncomfortable and scary night, the missing bikers arrived at Wasdale Head safe and sound. Thank you very much to all the Team members from the other MRTs who were involved, and another thank you to RAF Leeming who offered their services if required. Before you decide to undertake any activity such as this, please take the opportunity to gain valuable information from the AdventureSmart website and make sure you have properly planned and make the right decisions in order to have a successful and safe day out.


40. Scafell Pike - Alert - 22:51 Wed 5th Aug 2020

2 males contacted police to say they were at the summit of Scafell Pike but didn't know how to get down. They were uninjured. They were talked down by phone. They had no map but both had compasses, which made the Team Leader's task much easier and also made a refreshing change from the usual no map, no compass scenario. They called in as requested once they were off the hill so the incident could be closed.


41. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 16:10 Thu 6th Aug 2020

The call came in for a lady that had slipped and hurt her ankle on the Brown Tongue path just below the path split for Mickledore, she could not walk as a result. Two team members were sent ahead to take control of the situation until the rest of the team arrived with first aid, stretcher and oxygen. The casualty had already taken pain killers and was in a stable condition. She was secured to the stretcher and team members carried her off the hill. The casualty and her friend then made their own way to hospital for treatment.


42. Wastwater Screes - Full Callout - 14:11 Sat 8th Aug 2020

The team were called by a gentleman who had sustained an ankle injury. Despite extensive searching, no-one was found with an injury, and no-one the team spoke to had seen anyone who was struggling to walk. The team were then informed that he had walked out to the pump house at the other end of the lake. The team were then stood down along with the land ambulance that was making it's way down the very crowded valley road. For more information on how to enjoy the outdoors safely please visit


43. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 11:17 Sun 9th Aug 2020

On Sunday morning the Team was informed by NWAS that a gentleman had become seriously ill whilst descending from Scafell Pike summit. Due to the seriousness of the situation the Team Leader immediately requested the support of Helimed (GNAAS) to get a Doctor on scene asap, R199 (HM Coastguard SAR Prestwick) in case the casualty needed winching and members from Duddon & Furness MRT in case there was a need for a difficult or protracted stretcher carry. Whilst the Team were being deployed a member of the Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit (COMRU) who had been running the Wasdale Horseshoe and happened to be in the vicinity offered their assistance and thus attended as well. Helimed was able to touch down on the hill near Hollow Stones, above the casualty site and get the medical crew on scene just as the first members of WMRT were arriving. When the Doctor and Paramedic were ready for the casualty to be moved, Team members were then able to stretcher the casualty further up the hill to where R199 was waiting and then immediately transfer the casualty to Hospital. WMRT would like to thank DFMRT, COMRU, GNAAS and R199 (Prestwick) for their quick response and helping to get the casualty off the Hill and on route to Hospital. A further note of thanks to the COMRU member, who after supporting WMRT all afternoon returned back up the hill to rescue a misplaced mobile phone belonging to one of the Helimed crew members.


44. Lingmell Beck - Full Callout - 14:38 Sun 9th Aug 2020

Just as the team was heading back down the valley from the previous incident, a call came in from the police about a lady who had sustained an ankle injury near the stream crossing of Lingmell Beck, on the Brown Tongue path on Scafell Pike. The team turned around, as did the 8 Duddon and Furness team who had helped on the previous incident, and made their way back up the fell to the incident site. The injury was assessed, splinted and the casualty was stretchered off the hill, when family members took her to hospital. As ever, our thanks to Duddon and Furness team.


45. Dore Head, Yewbarrow - Full Callout - 23:29 Sat 15th Aug 2020

The team were called about an elderly male walker who had failed to rendezvous with his son after descending from Dore Head to Mosedale. They had only been 200m or so apart but the son could not locate him when he went back up the hill. He was found in the washed out scree gully by search dog Jess, having taken a fall. He was stretchered off the hill and taken to hospital by land ambulance. A helicopter had been requested as it is difficult ground for a stretcher carry, but the weather (low cloud) prevented them from assisting. Both father and son are experienced walkers and were well equipped.


46. Scafell Pike - Alert - 04:53 Sun 16th Aug 2020

Just as the team were returning from the previous callout, they were were called about 2 walkers who were struggling with the cold and rain, although temperatures were warm compared to normal. The team leader had a couple of phone conversations with them and with the aid of "phonefind" established they were well down the hill on the path to Wasdale. They recognised the path and were happy to continue without assistance.


47. Wastwater Screes - Limited Callout - 19:51 Mon 17th Aug 2020

A call was received from Cumbria Police about 2 walkers who had got stuck on the Screes lakeshore path alongside Wastwater. They were uninjured, so a small group of team members were deployed to help them across the boulder fields and off the hill. It can be difficult going at the best of times, but the rain would have made it more so. The photographs show that there isn't actually a "path" in places!


48. Kirkfell Nose, Kirkfell - Full Callout - 14:29 Wed 19th Aug 2020

The team was called by Cumbria Police about a walker who had failed to meet their group at the summit of Kirk Fell. A second call soon followed from a passer by reporting that they had found the missing walker who had sustained a knee injury whilst crossing a patch of scree high on Kirk Fell and was unable to walk. The casualty had used her whistle to attract attention. The team was mobilised and Duddon and Furness MRT were asked to provide additional team members to help with the evacuation (they were actually diverted to an injury at Lingmell Col). The casualty's leg was splinted and then she was transferred to the stretcher for the steep descent off the scree and down Kirk Fell Nose to Wasdale.


49. Lingmell Col, Scafell Pike - Callout - 15:29 Wed 19th Aug 2020

A call was received from Cumbria Police about a walker who had sustained a knee injury and could not walk. As most of the available Wasdale team members were committed to an incident on Kirk Fell, Keswick team undertook to deal with this - many thanks to them - with assistance from Duddon and Furness team and 2 Wasdale team members. It would have been a gruelling stretcher carry back to Borrowdale so the decision was made to bring the casualty down to Wasdale and once the stretcher party were up and over Lingmell Col and on their way to Wasdale, the Keswick team members retraced their steps along the Corridor Route. The remaining Duddon and Furness and Wasdale team members continued down to Wasdale Head with the casualty, who was taken to Wasdale Head Inn to await the arrival of a family member. Many many thanks to all who helped.


50. Green Hole, Upper Eskdale - Alert - 17:51 Wed 19th Aug 2020

2 walkers reported themselves lost after descending from Bowfell in the wrong direction. They had intended to head to Langdale.The call initially went to Langdale and Ambleside MRT because of this but was transferred to Wasdale when a "phonefind" confirmed their position. The Wasdale team leader was able to have one phone conversation with them but reception was abysmal. They were advised to start walking down the valley, keeping the river on their right, as they would have had a very long wait for help if they'd stayed where they were - 2 hours or more - and in deteriorating weather and poorly clad, they would have been at risk of hypothermia. They would have picked up the path within a short distance. They had a map but no compass, no food and were wearing shorts and raincoats. Again, as Wasdale team were still dealing with the Kirk Fell incident, Duddon and Furness sent some team members up the two likely descent routes and the party were found well down the path to the foot of Harknott. They were taken to a local pub to warm up and arrange transport back to Langdale. Many thanks to Duddon and Furness team who handled this incident.


51. Greta Gill, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 21:12 Thu 20th Aug 2020

The team were called by Cumbria Police to say some walkers on the Sty Head path reported flashing lights to the south of them. While the team leader was trying to contact them, a further call came in from NWAS to say there was a report of a missing walker with possible injuries on the Corridor Route of Scafell Pike, "phonefind" put them at the Greta Gill crossing on the Corridor Route. Despite extensive questioning of the group whose friend was missing, there was confusion over their location as they described descending Mickledore and being in Hollow Stones, then talked about intending to do a scramble on the way down. However, the description of their location tallied with the phonefind, although this is not infallible. The friend had gone ahead around "a blind corner", they had lost sight of him and could not make contact. Given that this is an accident black spot, it was felt that there was a high probability that the friend had fallen into Greta Gill and sustained serious, maybe fatal injuries. The team were called out, as were Duddon and Furness team - again - as a stretcher carry from this spot is very difficult. A coastguard helicopter with winching capability was also requested, but as ever, the team still has to mobilise as there are no guarantees that the helicopter will not be called away to another incident. This in fact happened whilst they were en route from Prestwick, and another helicopter from Caernoarfon was tasked to assist us. The team met 2 walkers at Burnthwaite, heading for Brackenclose, who described coming down from Hollow Stones, and believing that one of the party they had met on the hill had a leg injury. The team made their way up towards the Corridor Route from Gavel Neese, searching as they went and were joined by the helicopter who started their search of the area. A second Duddon and Furness Team vehicle went to Brackenclose to talk to these two walkers. Eventually it transpired that one of the walkers that the team had met at Burnthwaite was the missing person, who had crossed the "bad step" but could not get back again, so continued and descended to Wasdale via Spouthead Gill. He was uninjured. We don't know if he attempted to let his friends know he was OK and walking off. The remaining walkers were escorted off the hill via Lingmell Nose, where one of them twisted an ankle, but managed to walk down with difficulty. All teams were then stood down. Many, many thanks to Duddon and Furness team, and the 2 helicopter crews.


52. Great Gable - Alert - 13:24 Sun 23rd Aug 2020

The first of two jobs that came in succession today was a 999 call to the Police by a male in his 20's who had become separated from his party in poor conditions whilst attempting to summit Great Gable. The young man had reported that he was on difficult wet slippery terrain and was unable to accurately determine his location. Although, the young man was able to make that initial 999 phone call, any further attempts by the Team Leader to contact him was not possible. Due to the him reporting himself as being safe and uninjured the decision was made to wait it out to see if the weather would clear. This eventually happened and he was able to reunite himself with his friends under his own steam.


53. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 15:14 Sun 23rd Aug 2020

The second job was a 999 call to the Police about a female who had tripped over and twisted her knee whilst descending from the summit of Scafell Pike. Initially the lady was helped by two passing doctors, however, based on the nature of her injuries the team was deployed to further help with her medical care and then extract her off the hill to meet an awaiting ambulance at Brackenclose. The team has since had a lovely email of thanks from this lady and her son, informing us of her injuries and that she and her son made it safely home. We wish her all the best in her recovery and hope that it does not stop them from further safely enjoying the great outdoors. For further advice and information on how you can have a safe great day out, please follow the following link to Adventure Smart UK.


54. Hardknott Pass - Full Callout - 15:05 Mon 24th Aug 2020

We were requested by NWAS to assist in transporting a motorcyclist who had sustained a shoulder injury after coming off his bike. The ambulance could not get up the very steep incline of Hardknott Pass to the casualty site. While the team was assembling at base, information came in to say that a member of the public had kindly offered to move the casualty in his car, with a paramedic in attendance, so the team stood down.


55. Hollowstones, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 16:56 Wed 26th Aug 2020

The first of two jobs that came in succession today was a 999 call to the Police by a father and his son. The gentleman had damaged his knee whilst descending Scafell Pike, although he tried his best to get down the hill under his own steam, the Brown Tongue path just was too much for him. The Team Leader was able to confirm his location via a PhoneFind and then immediately deploy casualty carers to assess his injuries whilst a stretcher party made it way to the location a little later. The gentleman and his son who were on their own three peaks challenge, sensibly spread over the course of the week, returned to their hotel and decided to delay the rest of their challenge until another day. Wasdale MRT would like to wish the gentlemen a speedy recovery and good luck in finishing their challenge at a future opportunity.


56. Green How, Scafell - Alert - 20:56 Wed 26th Aug 2020

The second 999 tasking of the day from Cumbria Police was for a couple who had become lost whilst attempting to summit Scafell Pike. As the team were currently dealing with the previous call out, this tasking was handed over to Duddon & Furness MRT (DFMRT). For those that are not aware DFMRT covers the area immediately South of our area of responsibility and they often support Wasdale in all types of rescues. Wasdale MRT would like to thank DFMRT for their continued support in helping us provide a 24/7, 365 days a year rescue service across the Wasdale and Eskdale valleys. Further information pertaining to this job can be found on the DFMRT Facebook and Website.


57. Scafell Pike - Alert - 16:17 Fri 28th Aug 2020

A group of 16 ( 8x adults, 8x children of various ages) called 999 to report themselves lost near to the summit of Scafell Pike. Cumbria police contacted us to deal with this. The team leader was eventually able to speak to the group as the police patched the 999 call to him. As the party were being advised of which way to walk to safety the weather cleared enough for the group to be able to walk themselves back to Seathwaite. This obviously saved the whole team yet another trip up the mountain during an exceptionally busy period. The group eventually contacted the team leader to say they were safely back at their vehicles and the team were stood down.


58. Black Sail Pass - Alert - 15:56 Sat 29th Aug 2020

A family were walking down from Black Sail pass when one of the males tripped and twisted their ankle. As the team leader was gathering information from the police a message was received that the party had self rescued and made their own way back to the Wasdale Head Inn pub. The staff at the pub very kindly helped the injured person as well as keeping the team informed of what was happening, a big thank you to them. On this occasion we didn’t have to deploy.


59. Scafell Crag, Scafell - Full Callout - 21:50 Sat 29th Aug 2020

We received a call from the police about various walkers hearing shouts for help and flashing a torch light from the Scafell Central buttress/ deep ghyll area. Based on the seriousness of the location, very cold weather and darkness the team leader immediately asked for coastguard helicopter assistance, Duddon MRT back up as well as mobilising our own team members. 10 Wasdale and Duddon team members were air lifted to Scafell summit plateau to quickly set up a rope system to gain access to the casualty location. All other team members made their way up the mountain as quickly as possible in case the helicopter was diverted to another call. The casualty location was established by the use of a team member as a spotter from below as well as infra red images from the helicopter. A drone was used to confirm the rescue location as well as giving the rescuers much needed lighting. This proved to be a very useful asset. It was confirmed that the stuck party were 3x climbers, their rope had become stuck when attempting to climb Slingsby’s chimney route. They had made themselves secure to the mountain before our arrival. All three climbers were lowered down the face on three separate occasions, secured to a team member, to an awaiting party of rescuers who warmed them up, fed and hydrated them and then walked them down to safety. 750 metres of rope were used on this rescue. A big thank you to the coastguard helicopter as well as Duddon MRT again.


60. Ill Crag - Full Callout - 17:07 Mon 31st Aug 2020

The team were called about a male walker who was unwell on the summit ridge between Scafell Pike and Great End. A coastguard helicopter was en route but was stood down as North West Air Ambulance attended. Members of the public, a family member and the air crew did their utmost to help the gentleman but sadly to no avail and he passed away. The Air Ambulance was then called away to another incident. Wasdale and Duddon & Furness team members made their way up the fell to bring the gentleman back down to Wasdale. A second coastguard helicopter was requested to assist as the carry from that location would have been very long and difficult. They were able to complete the task, with assistance from some team members. Many thanks to all involved for their help. The team would like to express their condolences to the family.


61. Broad Crag - Limited Callout - 17:55 Sat 5th Sep 2020

The team were alerted by the police to a party of 4 males aged between 27 and 29 who stated they had taken the “easy route” up Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head, but, having failed to reach the top were now lost in poor visibility (less than 10m). They were cold and wet through despite their waterproof clothing. The initial 999 call to the police gave us a fairly accurate location, which was quickly confirmed by Phonefind as being on the path across Broad Crag. The team leader was able to contact the party by mobile phone and learned they had been joined by some runners doing the Bob Graham round. He managed to speak to one of the runners, who agreed to lead the party to Broad Crag Col and point them in the direction of Lingmell Col and the path back to Wasdale Head. As one of the four was having a panic attack and others were struggling with aching limbs and all lacked confidence in finding the route down, it was decided to do a limited callout for a small party to meet the group and walk them down. Further use of Phonefind traced their progress to Broad Crag Col where they had been left by the runners, but more calls from the team leader were needed to give them the confidence to begin and then continue their descent. Although the team leader was able to speak to the party at several points on the descent, Phonefind was no longer working from Broad Crag Col until another of the parties phones was used putting them on the main path below Lingmell Col. They were met by the team soon after this but it would be a further 3 hours before they arrived back at Wasdale Head. The group of 4 were joined by two more of their party, who had successfully climbed the Pike but got lost on their descent. A big thank you to the runners who selflessly put their challenge behind schedule to help a group in distress.


62. Lingmell Gill Path, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 15:49 Thu 10th Sep 2020

The team leader was contacted by the police about a male that had injured his ankle when descending the main tourist path off Scafell Pike. The location was confirmed using phone find and the casualty was re assured whilst the team was mobilized. Two team members were tasked to go direct to the casualty site to stabilise the man and deal with any medical requirements. It was established that the man could not walk on his ankle so a stretcher team was sent and the casualty was then carried down where he made his own way to hospital with his partner.


63. Green Hole, Upper Eskdale - Limited Callout - 21:20 Sat 12th Sep 2020

The team were called by police about a group of 8 walkers who reported themselves lost. They had lost signal on their phones and were unable to navigate. They said they were experienced, uninjured, but were wet and cold and had insufficient food or water. What3Words put them in Green Hole, Upper Eskdale. They said they would attempt to get back to their vehicle in Langdale. Then the call to the police cut out and the team leader was unable to contact them, so no further information was available. Numerous "phonefinds" and texts did not reach them, so with such a lack of information about their abilities and wellbeing, a limited callout was made. The party made a second call to the police to say they had found a path. That second "What 3 words" put them 50m up the hill towards 3 Tarns. Langdale and Ambleside team were alerted. They were just returning from another incident. The Wasdale team were stood down.