Incidents Between 1st January 2020 and 9th July 2020

Start date:
End date:

1. Pillar - Alert - 10:00 Wed 1st Jan 2020

The team was alerted after 2 walkers had failed to return to their accommodation, this was quickly determined to be the same 2 rescued the previous night by Cockermouth.


2. Cumbria - Limited Callout - 12:00 Sat 15th Feb 2020

Storm Dennis Silver Support


3. Corney Fell - Full Callout - 12:33 Fri 28th Feb 2020

The team were asked by our neighbouring team Duddon & Furness MRT to help rescue the occupants of some vehicles which had become stranded near the summit of Corney Fell Pass. Three vehicles were deployed from the Eskdale side and helped the Duddon team bring down the occupants back to safety.


4. Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 15:52 Sat 29th Feb 2020

A team member who was already on the hill was asked for help by a party whom had become seperated and were also struggling to cross Lingmell Gill at the bottom of the Brown Tongue path. Additional team members were deployed on scene, whom were able to help locate all members of the party at get them back to the valley floor safely before the full force of Storm Jorge hit later that evening.


5. Scafell - Full Callout - 12:46 Wed 11th Mar 2020

The first incident of the day was for someone reported missing on scafell after descending the wrong way from the summit and trying to retrace their route back up. The missing person was located cold and wet and escorted off the hill by team members.


6. Scafell Pike - Full Callout - 14:28 Wed 11th Mar 2020

The second incident of the day was for an individual who went over on their ankle on their descent from Scafell Pike. This job came in just as we were deploying to the first incident and some team members diverted to assist the walker who was able to walk off the hill slowly.


7. Scafell - Full Callout - 17:21 Wed 11th Mar 2020

Just as the previous two incidents were coming to a close we received our third call! An individual reported themselves lost and off track on Scafell Pike and requested MR assistance. It turned out the individual was Scafell, rather than Scafell Pike, and after requesting assistance from Duddon and Furness MRT to locate the individual they where found soon and walked off the mountain.


8. Eskdale - Full Callout - 15:31 Sat 14th Mar 2020

The team were called assist the NWAS after being  lady was reported to be fitting a short distance from the road end in Eskdale.  When the team arrived she had been assessed by the paramedics and escorted to the waiting ambulance.


9. Scafell Pike - Alert - 17:02 Sat 14th Mar 2020

The team were called by Cumbria police after a member of the public hear shouts for help. The lost individual subsequently was picked up by another walker and also met up with the informant. The team remained on standby until the party was off the hill.


10. Gosforth Bridalways - Full Callout - 13:42 Fri 8th May 2020

Due to the great support from everybody it has been almost 2 months since our last call out. On behalf of all the team thank you to all those whom have followed government advice during this difficult time. Not all of our call outs are mountain related and from time to time we are tasked in support of the Ambulance crews. So last Friday the team was called out to help a lady who had injured herself whilst taking her daily exercise local to her home. The team helped the Ambulance crew to safely transport the lady to the nearest road where she was the transferred to an Ambulance and taken to hospital. The casualty had been assessed at scene and was considered low risk from COVID-19. However, due to the risk of people being asymptomatic, we use PPE when in close proximity to protect both the casualty and the team members.


11. Piers Gill, Scafell Pike - Limited Callout - 18:30 Wed 20th May 2020

Team Members were called out by Cumbria Police in search of two lost persons who reported themselves to be lost in poor visibility and in the vicinity of Piers Gill, one of Wasdale's main accident blackspots. Immediately recognising the potential consequences associated to the difficult ground with that area, the Team Leader following current MREW COVID-19 protocols, deployed our rescuers and the Teams search dog Jess and her handler. As soon as Jess arrived on location she was very quickly able to locate the lost persons in the mist and reducing light. Team Members immediately assessed the situation from the risks associated with COVID-19, and were able to confirm this risk to be minimal. After an initial welfare check the gentleman and his son were issued with a head torch each and safely guided back down to the valley bottom by the rest of the team, maintaining social distancing throughout.


12. Lingmell Col, Scafell Pike - Alert - 09:34 Sun 24th May 2020

The team was alerted by Cumbria Police this morning for a gentleman and his teenage son who had became lost whilst descending from the summit of Scafell Pike. The pair had become disorientated due to the reduced visibility and the windy conditions and strayed from their desired route. When the pair came across what is thought to be the head of Piers Gill, they sensibly retraced their steps and made the call for help. Using PhoneFind the Team Leader was able to pin point their location and safely talk the pair back to the main tourist path and familiar ground. The pair were then able to make it back down to their vehicle on their own steam. Adventure Smart UK - Lake District Cumbria:


13. Lowther Forest - Limited Callout - 15:05 Sat 13th Jun 2020

The team was called by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to assist a cyclist who had sustained a shoulder injury after falling of their bike on a rough track. Based on the casualties’ location sometimes ambulance crews can find it both difficult in accessing the casualty site or safely transferring the casualty to the ambulance. On this occasion the cyclist was able to walk to the ambulance and thus we were stood down.


14. Scafell Pike - Alert - 22:45 Sat 13th Jun 2020

A walker had reported to Cumbria Police that he had split up from his 2 friends after descending from the summit of Scafell Pike. The informant had reached the valley floor first and after a time become concerned for the others safety. In response to this report a team member was sent to Wasdale Head to talk to the friend and try to gain more information, during which time the pair turned up safe and well.


15. Sty Head - Full Callout - 09:49 Sun 14th Jun 2020

A young female sustained a lower leg and ankle injury at Sty Head Tarn. Many of the team were already on the hill for a training exercise and thus were able to divert direct to the casualty site. The injury was treated on site and the casualty stretchered off the hill down to Seathwaite in Borrowdale. Keswick MRT was met by Wasdale MRT on the descent to take over the care of the casualty, many thanks to their support. Wasdale MRT then retraced their steps back to Wasdale; unfortunately the training was abandoned for the day.


16. Kern Knotts, Great Gable - Limited Callout - 15:01 Mon 15th Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being stuck on steep, loose scree, having missed the descent path of Great Gable. The team was able to locate the three and safely assist them off the difficult ground with the aid of ropes and then escorted them back to Wasdale.


17. Scafell - Alert - 15:21 Sun 21st Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being lost in poor visibility whilst descending off Scafell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly. Two team members who were on the hill already were able to intercept them on their way back and escort them on the final leg back to their vehicle.  


18. Scafell - Full Callout - 13:42 Sat 27th Jun 2020

Two walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being lost in poor visibility near the summit of Sca Fell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly and then contact them by mobile. After initially directing them to safer ground, team members were deployed to their immediate location and after intial warming and refuelling help them back down to the valley floor. Thank you to Cumbria Police and NWAS for there continued vigilance and support.


19. Scafell - Limited Callout - 21:49 Thu 2nd Jul 2020

Two walkers reported themselves lost to Cumbria Police in the Quagrigg Moss Area near Scafell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly and then contact them by mobile, they were directed to walk towards Oliver Gill and then onto Burnmoor Tarn. A team was deployed, including our search dog Jess; they met the walkers just north of Burnmoor Tarn and walked them safely back to their cars.


20. Caw Fell, Cold Fell - Limited Callout - 14:59 Sat 4th Jul 2020

The call came in for two women lost in the Cold fell area. They were cold, wet, totally lost but very apologetic. Following a phone find location and after a few conversations on the phone, a limited call out was initiated to find them. Most team members met up at an RV point on Cold fell and mobile 2 deployed as well as Jess. Whilst the team were walking to the location the mispers were advised to walk down hill with the beck on their left hand side to meet up with the team. A relay was used at Skalderskew farm which worked really well in keeping a good line of communication between base and team members.