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Preparation For Going Into The Fells

  • Select a route and objective suitable for even the weakest party members.
  • Get a weather forecast and consider its consequence on your plans.
  • Leave a route card with your personal details, the intended route, your equipment and estimated time of arrival at your destination with someone responsible.
  • Wear suitable clothing make sure you have warm windproof and waterproof clothing whatever the time of year. Wear good walking boots with suitable soles.
  • Carry basic survival equipment, food and spare clothes for the time of year. Remember conditions can change quickly on the hills and even a mid summer day can have gale force winds and rain. BMC: Emergency packing for hill walking.
  • Always carry a map, compass and torch and learn how to navigate before going onto the high fells
  • Ordnance Survey: Basic map skills videos.
  • Ordnance Survey:Beginners guide to using a compass.  Very good – try this out on easy ground before trying the Pike!
  • BMC: How to take a grid reference.
  • BMC: How to use GPS devices safely.
  • Enjoy your day take home nothing but good memories and photographs and leave nothing behind except gentle footprints.
  • BMC: Emergency procedures for hill walking.
  • LDSAMRA: Lakeland walking information leaflet.

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