Unknown Location – Thu 30th Dec 1999 – Callout 3 in 1999

Two men were reported overdue having set off from Irton Pike quarry intending to walk over the Screes to Brackenclose by 1530 hrs. Howard found them near Cross Walls walking back along the road.

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Burnmoor Tarn – Mon 20th Dec 1999 – Callout 2 in 1999

A 57 years old male suffered an ankle injury between Burnmoor Tarn and Wasdale. His wife descended to Burnmoor Inn to raise the alarm. Was carried off to safety.

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Unknown Location – Sun 28th Nov 1999 – Callout 1 in 1999

A father and son had not returned to their vehicle at Burnthwaite. Route not known but it was known that they were inexperienced. and not well equipped. They were eventually found at 0250 hrs in Calf Cove by Keswick team.

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