Incident 21 in 2000

A group of three team members out for a days walking were planning to check out the ascent / descent routes on Broad Stand, Scafell due to it being one of the Valley’s accident black spots. When they appeared at Mickledore they were approached by a group wanting to borrow Read more…

Incident 20 in 2000

Call via Whitehaven Police. A lady at Kendal police station reported that her husband and daughter were long overdue from a days walking on Scafell Pike. The last contact with them was by mobile phone at 1440 hrs. when they were on their descent from the summit. Team were mobilised Read more…

Incident 19 in 2000

Lady suffered a broken ankle near Eel Tarn, Eskdale. Her ankle was immobilised in a Sam splint and she was carried down to the ambulance at the Woolpack Inn and transported to West Cumberland Hospital.

Incident 18 in 2000

Mobile telephone call from an informant, two females in their late 40’s were lost on Scafell. A glorious day but they had no idea where they were, they could see a lake with buildings in the background. Incident was closed at 1715hrs. as they didn’t really need the team.

Incident 17 in 2000

Party of three males set out to climb the grade 2 scramble, Eagle nest Gulley. One climber went ahead of the others and became cragfast. The alarm was raised by mobile phone. Under the wet and slushy snow conditions it was a serious scramble for the team. He was helped Read more…

Incident 16 in 2000

Report came in from Whitehaven police of a 46 yr. old male walker hit by a boulder, 200 m below the summit of Scafell Pike. Whilst mobilising the team and getting up the valley, locations changed to Lingmel col then to the Woolworth boulder before we finally established that the Read more…

Incident 15 in 2000

Call received from Whitehaven police that a man returning from the Woolpack had seen a green flare on Slightside. It was a very clear night and no further action was taken. Well intentioned false alarm.