Missing Dog in Wasdale


10:20 Wednesday 29th – Muttley has now been found. See the comment from Glynn below for details.

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Adam Naylor from the Wasdale Head Inn contacted the team last night regarding a 4 year old boarder Terrier called Muttley that had gone missing in the Hollowstones area at around 1330 yesterday (Tuesday 28th February).

The owners and staff from the Wasdale Head Inn mounted a search but could not locate him after 4 hours. They are heading back out today. Could we ask that if you are walking or driving in the Wasdale area, that you please keep an eye out for Muttley, he is black and tan in colour and by now, likely to be very hungry and cold.

If you find him contact Adam at the Wasdale Head or the Police on 101.

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  1. Glynn

    My partner Ali and I located Mutley half way up our accent on Scafell Pike at 9.45am on Wednesday 29th February. We phoned the number on his tag and spoke to a lady who was very pleased that Mutley had made it through the night and was safe and well. We made a make shift lead, however Mutley slipped his collar and ran off. We now had the unfortunate task of informing the owners that Mutley was again missing. We continued our accent and Mutley was waiting for us at the summit. This time he ran back down. We maintained contact with Mutleys owner who was by now waiting at the bottom in the car park. Amazingly Mutley walked all the way down, into the car park and walked up to his releived owners. A happy ending and one very amazing Border Terrier!!

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