Adam, Jasper and the team members who went to help Jasper down

Adam, Jasper and the team members who went to help Jasper down

Thank you to all those who have donated to the team following the safe return of Adam Nolan’s dog Jasper. It is heart-warming to know that this level of support for the team is out there and we are very humbled with the level of funds that have been donated. This comes at a fortuitous time because the team is seeking to build a new base, which could cost up to £500,000 and we anticipate that we will use the funds for this purpose.

The team’s constitution says that “The objects for which the Team is established are to save life and alleviate distress, primarily in upland or mountainous areas.” Jasper missing on the fells was clearly distressing for his owner Adam and we were glad to help with the rescue. Most of the casualties that we deal with are of the human variety but we have rescued several dogs, sheep and even cattle and horses over the years.

It was advantageous that he was searched for at night because the reflection of his eyes from torchlight probably saved his life. Dogs are of great importance to us in Mountain Rescue as they provide a whole new dimension in being able to locate casualties in all conditions. As such we fully understand that the bond between dogs and humans is a very special one and it is great to know that both dog and owner are safe in this case.

Thank you once again,

John Bamforth, Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team Chairman

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