Copeland Community Fund

Copeland Community Fund were kind enough to invite us to their event this week celebrating volunteers in Copeland at Whitehaven Golf Club, which saw 140 volunteers attending from many different volunteer organisations. At the dinner we were asked to use our craft skills to build something and so the obvious Read more…

New Base Progress – May 2017

Only a week into the new build and things are starting to take shape on the ground. There is the outline of the new building, the car park and in the adjoining part of the field the ground is being prepared for the ground source heat pump array.

May Crag Training in Wasdale

Great weather on the slopes of Middle Fell for crag training, albeit a little chilly on the Northern side of the Wasdale valley. The 3-station round-robin training session took in setting up belays, lowering systems and casualty handling on steep ground.