Our Callout Archive: Broad Stand – There is no easy route direct from Scafell to Scafell Pike!

Broad Stand, Scafell – Tue 15th Nov 2016 – Callout 69 in 2016

We were called by Police about 2 walker who’d become stuck in the steep ground between Broad Stand and Mickledore Chimney on Scafell. It was hard to access the pair due to the thick mist on Scafell which was making visibility via torchlight difficult and the rocks very greasy. In the end an abseil system …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Wed 29th Oct 2014 – Callout 56 in 2014

We were called by Police about a family of 4 with a dog who had become stuck on the ledge above Broad Stand on Scafell. We located them near the abseil point and got them in the bivvy tent whilst we set up our ropes for a lower down to Mickledore. Each person and the …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Sat 20th Sep 2014 – Callout 48 in 2014

The team was called about a climber stuck on steep ground on Scafell. The Sea King that we had been training with earlier in the day was back in the valley and lifted five team members to the summit of Scafell before searching from the air. The stuck climber was found on Continue reading »

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Sun 18th Aug 2013 – Callout 48 in 2013

Ourselves, the Great North Air Ambulance and a Sea King from HMS Gannet were called to assist a climber who had fallen from Broad Stand on Scafell. The climber suffered multiple injuries. He was stabilised on the scene by doctors from WMRT & GNAA, then carried up to the waiting air ambulance by team members, …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Thu 14th Jun 2012 – Callout 35 in 2012

The team was called when shouts for help were heard coming from the Broad Stand area of Scafell. A man was found cragfast and uninjured by team members who had ascended via Lords Rake and Deep Gill. He was assisted back up towards the summit and walked down to Wasdale via Green How.

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Sat 2nd Jul 2011 – Callout 40 in 2011

Call from Police for a 62 year man who had taken a 30m fall off Broad Stand on Scafell. He sustained major injuries and was in a critical condition. Team members were flown up to the area in an Air Ambulance whilst the Paramedic remained on scene. The air ambulance had been dispatched immediately and …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Fri 23rd Apr 2010 – Callout 12 in 2010

Team called out for a cragfast walker on Scafell. A Party of seven were descending via the Broad Stand path when one of their party became stuck on some loose scree. The callout was made and although the team were looking in the Foxes Tarn area, the stranded walker was in fact above Broad Stand. …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Thu 6th Aug 2009 – Callout 50 in 2009

While the team were administering casualty care to a fallen walker (see incident 54) , a second incident occurred. A male walker in his 40’s descending from Scafell via Broad Stand, slipped from almost an identical area, landed amongst the team members and cart wheeled off down the scree a further 15 metres. Fortunately …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Thu 6th Aug 2009 – Callout 49 in 2009

Callout by the police for a male walker in his 20’s who had fallen around 10 to 15 metres and broken his arm somewhere on the mountain between Scafell and Scafell Pike. As the team assembled, more information came in which indicated that he had actually fallen off Broad Stand, a notorious accident blackspot on …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Sat 16th Feb 2008 – Callout 7 in 2008

Police paged the team to respond to an incident on Broad Stand, Scafell . A group of five male walkers from the Midlands were descending from the summit of Scafell via the Broad Stand route when one of their party, a male in his late 40’s fell whilst climbing down the difficult rock step. He …

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