Our Callout Archive: Broad Stand – There is no easy route direct from Scafell to Scafell Pike!

Broad Stand, Scafell – Fri 4th May 2007 – Callout 17 in 2007

The police paged the team to attend to an incident after a report of a 59 year old male walker having fallen from Broad Stand. Broad Stand is a deceptively difficult route between Scafell and Scafell Pike. For many years it has been one of the accident black spots in Wasdale. Great North Air Ambulance …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Mon 25th Apr 2005 – Callout 8 in 2005

The Team were called in by the police to respond to an informant on a mobile phone on the top of Scafell Pike who had seen a couple of walkers having difficulties descending Broad Stand. The informant reported that he had heard others walkers shouting up to them “stay where you are until the rescue …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Fri 24th Sep 2004 – Callout 37 in 2004 (limited)

Workington Police contacted the Team to respond to a call for help from two cragfast walkers. The request was for Scafell Pike but their location was actually above Broad Stand on Scafell. A limited callout of team member took place at 2152 hrs once details had been established. Two team members went up to Mickledore …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Sun 6th Oct 2002 – Callout 46 in 2002

Whitehaven Police called the team to assist a crag fast walker who was stuck above Broad Stand. He was located approximately 60m above the Mickledore Col, at the top of Broad Stand but crag fast on the slippery surface, 30 metres across towards Mickledore Chimney. He was lowered off the crag and flown back down …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Fri 23rd Feb 2001 – Callout 5 in 2001

The team leader was called just before mid-day by Whitehaven Police. They had received a 999 call from someone with a mobile phone, who reported hearing shouts for help and knew that someone else required Mountain Rescue assistance. They knew the location was at Mickledore ridge, between Scafell and Scafell Pike but phone reception had …

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Broad Stand, Scafell – Mon 7th Oct 1968 – Callout 1 in 1968

Man (fellwelker) killed whilst descending Broad Stand. Team carried him down.

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