Our Callout Archive: Wasdale Screes

Wastwater Screes – Sun 17th May 2009 – Callout 23 in 2009

Request from Police to attend an incident on the Screes path – two walkers in difficulty. Female walker in late 20’s had slipped on the Screes path and injured her leg. She was with her partner and a dog. Casualty was splinted and transferred across the lake to a road ambulance and driven to West …

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Wastwater Screes – Sun 26th Oct 2008 – Callout 57 in 2008

Team contacted by police to assist 8 walkers who had become lost on the Wasdale Screes path below Low Adam Crag. 8 team members attended and managed to locate the group at 8.45 p.m. and walk them back up the Lake path to the road head at Brackenclose – the team were unable to get …

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Wastwater Screes – Wed 30th Jul 2008 – Callout 44 in 2008

The team were paged by the police to respond to a report of shouts for help and someone seen falling on the Screes. They were reported as having fallen from High up on the Screes. The informant was on the opposite side of the Lake by the road. The boat squad was mobilised along with …

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Wastwater Screes – Sat 12th Jul 2008 – Callout 39 in 2008 (limited)

Call came in to the team from Easthwaite Farm from a lady whose husband and dog were stuck on the Screes path. The dog could not move as its paws were cut. A limited callout was made with the Boat squad. 4 team members attended but before the boat could be launched the man had …

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Wastwater Screes – Fri 11th Jul 2008 – Callout 38 in 2008

Police paged the team following a ‘999’ call from a pair of crag fast walkers on the Screes. The male and female in their 30s had walked from the Pump House along the far side of the lake until they came tot he boulder field. They lost the path (very difficult to find a path …

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Wastwater Screes – Wed 19th Sep 2007 – Callout 54 in 2007

Two walkers were reported to be stuck on the Screes above Wastwater. A small team were sent to establish their location. They were found quickly, not in any danger and not far from the pumphouse end of the lake – they had just run out of daylight and had no lights – more details to …

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Wastwater Screes – Sun 17th Jun 2007 – Callout 25 in 2007

Team paged by police after they had received a mobile ‘999’ call from a group of 5 walkers who had decided to scale the front of the Screes rather than continue along the Screes path. The group were carrying out a recce for the three peaks challenge. They had come up from Wales and could …

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Wastwater Screes – Thu 14th Jun 2007 – Callout 23 in 2007

Team paged by police to attend a rescue on the Screes path. Casualty was a 74 year old lady from Liverpool who had taken a short tumble fall on the Screes path, suffering a bump on the head and bruising her back. She had walked across the boulder field before calling for help. She was …

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Wastwater Screes – Mon 7th May 2007 – Callout 18 in 2007

Wasdale MRT were asked to assist a 34 year old male fell walker who had taken a wrong turning when descending from Whin Rigg, at the top of the Wasdale Screes. He had become crag fast in Great Gully in a particularly inaccessible area and local knowledge of this very difficult and unstable ground was …

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Wastwater Screes – Sun 8th Apr 2007 – Callout 9 in 2007

Ambulance Control phoned the deputy team leader to advise that they had just taken a ‘999’ call from an informant who had heard shouts for help and then seen a walker waving his arms. He was crag fast high up on the Screes above Wastwater. The person was a male in his early 40’s from …

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