Our Callout Archive: Wasdale Screes

Wastwater Screes – Sat 4th Jun 2005 – Callout 14 in 2005

Call from Workington Police regarding two people reported to be stuck on the Scree path, informant at the WasdaleYHA Hostel. The Team Leader rang the informant and found that the Hostel Manager had already set off in a Canadian canoe to attempt a pick up in that. Rather than set a full team boat rescue …

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Wastwater Screes – Tue 26th Apr 2005 – Callout 9 in 2005 (limited)

The Team were called in by the police to rescue an elderly lady and her dog who were stuck on the Screes path opposite the road junction half way along the Lake. A limited callout was put out on the pager system requesting the Boat Squad (group of 4 trained helmsmen/launchers). The lady in her …

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Wastwater Screes – Mon 6th Sep 2004 – Callout 33 in 2004

Whitehaven Police paged the team to respond to an incident at Wastwater lake. A diving group had been concerned over the distressed barking of a dog on the far side of the lake. This continued for over half an hour and was then followed by shouts for help. The cries were coming from high up …

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Wastwater Screes – Mon 26th Jul 2004 – Callout 25 in 2004

Call from Workington Police at about 1630 hrs requesting assistance – a 46yr old woman from the Bolton area had apparently traveled to Wasdale with the intention of committing suicide. She had used a mobile phone to inform her care worker in Bolton, who in turn contacted the Police in this area. Indications suggested her …

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Wastwater Screes – Wed 10th Mar 2004 – Callout 5 in 2004 (limited)

The team were called to respond to a mobile phone ‘999’ call from three male walkers who had become cragfast on the Wastwater Screes. From information received, they were initially thought to be located slightly above the lakeside path. A limited callout was put into motion and a group of around ten were mustered. Once …

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Wastwater Screes – Sat 5th Jul 2003 – Callout 24 in 2003 (limited)

Call from the Police at about 1700hrs. Two people (man and wife) in their 60’s had walked from Boot, over Burnmoor and along the Scree path on the southern side of Wastwater. They’d got stuck on the scree, about 100 metres from the water edge. The team leader spoke to them (by mobile) but it …

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Wastwater Screes – Sat 4th May 2002 – Callout 14 in 2002 (limited)

The team was called to rescue two ladies who were stuck on the Screes path. A limited call-out was undertaken and the two ladies were transferred across the lake by the team’s rescue launch. Whilst half way across the lake the second call came from the police to attend to a injured walker on Great …

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Wastwater Screes – Sat 26th Jan 2002 – Callout 5 in 2002 (limited)

Call from the police to rescue two walkers stuck on the Screes by the lake. A limited call-out was made with the rescue boat launched from the lakeside whilst the advance vehicle went directly to the pump house. The walkers had managed to get themselves safely off the Screes by the time the team had …

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Wastwater Screes – Thu 22nd Nov 2001 – Callout 34 in 2001 (limited)

Call to investigate cries for help on the Screes path. Limited call-out undertaken but it turned out to be a well intentioned false alarm. Found farmer gathering sheep.

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