‘A ray of sunshine lighting up our lives and warming our hearts’

Lorraine Dixon

Lorraine Dixon

Lorraine loved the farm, fells and West Cumbrian countryside she grew up in with her parents Terry and Eileen, and brothers William and Thomas. Lorraine went to Wyndham School, Egremont and afterwards to Manchester University.

Lorraine worked for the Environment Agency at Penrith, firstly as an Environment Protection Officer and lately on a European project to protect and improve the coastal waters of Cumbria, the home she loved deeply. Lorraine was always a very positive person and tackled everything she did with enthusiasm and determination. This passion for life, showed itself in her many and varied interests and hobbies, which included, fellwalking, snowboarding, mountain biking, foreign travel, horse riding, DIY, vegetarian cooking, organic gardening on her allotment in Penrith and organising social events for her many friends. Lorraine had also climbed Kilimanjaro in 2000.

Lorraine shared these interests and hobbies with her partner Paul, her family and her many, many friends. It was her passion for snowboarding which led to her tragic and untimely death on the 14th March 2006 when she was caught in an avalanche, above the village of Peisey Nancroix, in the French Alps.

So many people have been devastated by the tragic loss of Lorraine, in the midst of her bright and promising future, and there have been many tributes paid to Lorraine, amongst them, “most wonderful daughter anyone could ever wish to have”, “best sister ever”, “a happy smiling person, with glitter and sparkle, who brightened every day”, and “a magical and beautiful girl” with “a real zest for life”. The list is very long but perhaps can best be summed up by another tribute that she was “such a beautiful person, inside and out, who touched the lives of so many people”.

There have also been many generous donations to charity in memory of Lorraine, of which £800 has been donated to the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team. Her partner Paul has also raised over £1000 for the team, by completing the Haute Route trek in the Alps, in her memory. Terry, Eileen, William, Thomas and Paul wish to thank everyone for their kindness, support and the very generous donations and sponsorship in memory of Lorraine.

Whatever mountains in life they climb, Lorraine will always be in the hearts and minds of the very many people who admired and loved her.