17 in 2003
Upper Eskdale

Workington police paged the team to respond to a 999 mobile call from a group of students from Chichester University. One of their party was reported to have fallen into a bog, become stuck and was very wet, cold and agitated. Initially a limited call-out was carried out followed at 2000 hrs. The casualty was a young lady and the grid reference was south-east of Esk Buttress. ;

When the team’s advance party arrived on scene some 90 minutes later, the casualty was in a campsite accompanied by a number of other students and instructors. She had stabilised and was able to remain with the group who would walk her out in the morning. The incident was closed at around 0030 hrs the following morning. Around 15 team members attended. ;

Incident started at 19:23 and ended at 00:30 making 5.1 hrs in total.