23 in 2003
Upper Eskdale
Other Agencies
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Wasdale team were called to assist in the search for a 59yr old male walker who had left the Old Dungeon Ghyll to tackle Bowfell / Esk Pike / Broad Crag / Scafell Pike / Scafell (via Broad Stand) and returning back to Langdale. His car was still at ODG and Langdale MRT, Keswick MRT and SARDA dogs were called.

He was found in upper Eskdale by the search dogs having taken a wrong turn at Esk Hause and descended into Eskdale. He was found in the area just to the north east of Little Narrowcove at around 0400hrs. He was walked off the hill as far as Sampson Stones (still a few miles from the valley bottom) where he required a stretcher and oxygen. He had sustained a bump to the head in a fall earlier that day. An RAF Sea King helicopter was called in from RAF Valley (Anglesey) and he was airlifted (at 0730 hrs) to Furness General Hospital, Barrow-in-Furness. The helicopter re-fueled and returned to their base in Anglesey.

Around 12 Wasdale team members on the fell + radio relays, in addition to the Keswick, Langdale Ambleside and search dog teams were involved in the night search in very wet and humid conditions.

Incident started at 00:05. There were 12 Wasdale team members involved.