48 in 2003

Call from the Police at 0900 hrs. A female informant at the Eskdale YHA, had taken a walk up Scafell while her friend was going to do a low level walk in the valley. The friend hadn’t turned up and was long overdue… 51 yr old female, only lightly equipped for low level walk, no torch or whistle or warm clothing. All we could deduce about her intended route was that she would probably have gone for a walk described in one of three leaflets available from the YHA. ;

We had search routes around Hardknott, Penny Bridge, Brotherilkeld, Low Birker, Stanley Ghyll, south side of the River, Fisherground, Dalegarth, Ravenglass and Muncaster Fell.

The missing person was found at about 2300 hrs, on the road near Fisherground. She had taken the miniature railway to Raveglass and walked back over Muncaster fell, getting lost on the way and benighted – although with a good moon out, she’d been able to keep moving slowly and had managed to get herself off the fell. She was hungry and rather covered in bits of bracken but unhurt. All teams recalled while she was taken back to the YHA and Mill Forge
closed at about midnight.

Incident started at 09:00.