43 in 2010
Mickledore, Scafell Pike
Other Agencies

Call from Ambulance Control for MRT assistance. A male walker in his early 50’s had fallen and sustained a dislocated shoulder. Team members were airlifted to the cloud base on Lingmel Col by the Great North Air Ambulance and made there way up to the incident site, some 50m above the Mickledore stretcher box. He was anaesthetized by the team doctors and his shoulder put back in. 22 team members were involved in the rescue and brought the injured walker down Mickledore Gulley to Hollowstones. A sea king helicopter was called in from RN Gannet, Prestwick and the casualty was stretcher winched into the helicopter and flown to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven. The incident was closed at 10.30 p.m.

Incident started at 18:00. Incident occured at NY21107 06957 (altitude 826 m).