78 in 2010
Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike

Call from the police. A group were reported to be cragfast in a Gulley adjacent to Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike. A Deputy Leader (DTL) already on Scafell (Lords Rake) had heard the screams for help, and raised the alarm via the police. The shouts were coming from the top of Pikes Crag. Five people had tried to walk down “D Gully”. One of the party had taken a tumble fall (un injured) and got stuck on a rock. above the steep pitch. The DTL on the fell was in touch with another of the Team’s Deputy Leaders. The DTL scrambled down to find that two local climbers had got to the stuck person and were roping him down the crag. One of the climbers then walked the crag fast person to the Woolworth Boulder and the second climber plus DTL returned to the top of the gully opposite Pulpit rock where the other four members of the group were sitting. The group had no experience were all wearing shorts t shirts and trainers and did not have a map or compass. They had began to feel really cold and had no extra clothing to wear.The cloud had come in and they needed guided to Mickledore. The climber kindly agreed to guide them all the way down to the Woolworth boulder to meet the rescued cragfast person. The incident was closed around 6.30 p.m.

Incident started at 17:45 and ended at 18:30 making 0.8 hrs in total. Incident occured at NY 20997 07204 (altitude 864 m).