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Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike
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The first involved a walker who had slipped and injured his ankle and was unable to bear weight without significant pain. He had attempted to make his own way off the fell for a long time before a passing walker had called it in and asked for help on his behalf. The team was called and arrived on scene. After an assessment, the walker was still keen to get off himself with some team assistance, but after a short time it became obvious that a stretcher carry was needed. He reluctantly conceded to this and a routine carry was undertaken off the fell to Brackenclose. He then met up with family members who transported him in their vehicle with advice for further assessment at hospital. ‘The ultimate in stoicism’ was a phrase used by a Team Leader for this casualty! We wish him all the best for a swift recovery.

Incident started at 13:39 and ended at 18:51 making 5.2 hrs in total. There were 21 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY198073. Total rescuer hours: 109