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Burnmoor Tarn
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In the second incident of the evening, two calls were received within 20 minutes. A personal distress beacon was activated close to Burnmoor Tarn. This was followed 20 minutes later by a call from a concerned family member about an overdue solo walker. The two were linked to the same person – sixth sense from the family member? With no other information to go from, and another incident already ongoing, a team was asked to approach from Eskdale. Our friends at Duddon and Furness were also asked for potential extra support.
Fortunately there was a Coastguard helicopter already en-route for the previous callout, so they agreed as a priority to investigate from the air as much as possible. They were able to locate the walker. He had fortunately recovered enough by this time to walk under his own stream back towards Brackenclose. He rang 999 shortly afterwards when mobile signal allowed to confirm that he no longer required help; a very long day on the hill in the hot conditions had resulted in exhaustion with no ability at the time to progress. Other team members at Wasdale walked up a short distance to meet the walker and confirmed he was safe and well, and this incident was closed.
A good outcome. Thanks to The Rescue 912 crew and to Duddon and Furness MRT for their support.

Incident started at 18:47 and ended at 21:05 making 2.3 hrs in total. There were 13 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY189043. Total rescuer hours: 30