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Upper Eskdale
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The team leader was called by Keswick MRT to assist in the search of a young couple in their twenties from Birmingham who had failed to turn up at their hotel that evening. They had set off from Seathwaite in Borrowdale to climb Scafell Pike via the Corridor route. The summit of the Pike was in cloud and there were heavy rain / hail showers for the night.Wasdale put 16 team members on the fell including two of our Search dog teams. Keswick MRT deployed their team and Langdale Ambleside deployed team members to come up from the Mickleden valley. Also five SARDA England search dogs and their handlers were called in from outside of the Lake District.The Wasdale MRT / SARDA search group approaching from the Eskdale side saw lights at Scar Lathing at around 3:15 hrs When investigated they were confirmed as the missing couple who had broken their compass on the summit of Scafell Pike, became disorientated and had descended the Eskdale side by mistake. They had found an overhanging rock shelter above Scar Lathing and were sheltering when the heard the search dog barking. They were fit and well although tired and wet. All search groups were recalled back to their respective bases. The missing couple were walked back down to Brotherikeld farm and transported back the Wasdale base in Gosforth before being transported back to their car at Seathwite by one of the Wasdale MRT members who found them with his search dog Blisco. The incident was closed down at 5:30 hrs

Incident started at 18:52 and ended at 05:30 making 10.6 hrs in total. There were 16 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 170