8 in 2005
Crinkle Crags
Other Agencies

The Team were called in to assist the Langdale and Ambleside MRT and Kendal MRT searching for a lost and injured couple on Crinkle Crags. The LAMRT had been searching since 6.30 pm and it wasn’t until just after the Wasdale Team had deployed that the lost and slightly injured walkers were found. The Wasdale Team grouped at Cockley Beck with the other rescue teams having parked up at the Three Shires Stone (top of Wrynose). LAMRT took the decision to bring the female walker down into Mosedale rather than return to their parked vehicles. Wasdale were tasked to meet up with LAMRT and Kendal MRT to provide fresh legs. LAMRT and other teams had been out the previous night searching for, and eventually recovering the body of a fallen male walker on Red Screes (Kirkstone Pass) so help from Wasdale was appreciated. The male walker and his injured partner, both in their late twenties were taken down to Cockley Beck, the lady by stretcher, and then the lady was transported back to Santon Bridge in the Team’s vehicle where they were both staying in holiday accommodation. The incident was closed at around 1.30 am. This was another well co-ordinated rescue involving three teams plus SARDA search dogs. In all there were approximately 40 personnel on the hill.

Incident started at 20:40 and ended at 01:30 making 4.8 hrs in total.