9 in 2004

Call received from Workington Police concerning a party of “3 Peakers” who had just come down off Scafell Pike and had heard shouts for help coming from the Rake End area of Scafell. They were all convinced the shouts were human although they hadn’t established any form of communication (no other words used but “help”). The Team Leader carried out a limited group call-out as a full team call-out was not necessary to investigate the shouts in the first instance. There were seven team members involved in the search, covering the whole area from Rake End to Black Crag and Brown Tongue. Conditions for searching were very good and the search groups were below cloud in those areas. Sound was carrying very well amongst the crags but nothing was found or heard. The informants rang later in the day to see how we’d got on and were surprised we’d found nothing. This is not uncommon due to sheep and occasionally a local vixen who is easily mistaken as a cry for help. The incident was closed as a well intentioned false alarm.

Incident started at 02:10.