11 in 2004
Crinkle Crags
Other Agencies

Or should that be 13th April……Three men were going to camp at Sprinkling Tarn and were en route via the bad step on Crinkle Crags. One of them decided to bypass the step by going over Long Top, whilst the other two carried on up the step. They were meant to meet up again but didn’t. The two rang for mountain rescue assistance at about 1900 hrs the previous night and spoke to Langdale & Ambleside MRT Leader. They were advised to continue to Sprinkling Tarn and see if the missing person caught them up there. The Team Leader informed Wasdale MRT but it was agreed to wait and see what developed.The two turned up at Wasdale Head this morning and contacted the Wasdale Team Leader 0950 hrs. They had camped at Great End and searched the Sprinkling Tarn area this morning. Wasdale was going to be their ultimate destination, so they had come down into Wasdale to raise the alarm again. The Wasdale Team Leader waited until 1100 hrs, in order to give more time for the missing person to walk out. He also put Langdale MRT back on stand by.At 1100hrs both Wasdale and Langdale did full call outs and also contacted Kendal MRT and SARDA, the Lake District search dogs. The intent was to cover Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Sprinkling Tarn, upper Eskdale, Scafell eastern routes. Cloud level was less than 350 metres and it had been raining heavily over night.The missing person (a 42 yr old male from Hertfordshire) turned up in Stonethwaite (Borrowdale) before we had deployed, so all teams were stood down again. He had spent the night at Esk Hause and descended Langstraff in the morning. He was tired cold and wet and quite shaken by the experience but un-injured. He planned to contact his friends at the Wasdale Head Hotel

Incident started at 11:00.