41 in 2005
Lords Rake, Scafell

The police called the team out to a male walker who was reported to be injured on Scafell. The accident was reported by passing walkers who had heard the shouts for help and whistles. He along with another three or four walkers were descending or ascending west wall traverse by the unstable pillar when there was a rock fall with rocks giving a glancing blow to one of the walkers but also leaving him stuck on a ledge. Some climbers nearby managed to rope him down just as the team arrived at the foot of Lords Rake. Once he was safely down at the Woolworth boulder the team were stood down and returned to base. Approximately 20 team members were on the fell and the incident was closed at around 8.30 pm. Interestingly a series of new photographs were taken of the unstable area the day before this incident and one of the photos shows the area where the rock fall occurred. The climbers apparently used the ‘unstable’ pillar to belay the walker as he was roped back down the rake. The pillar is badly fractured and is not suitable for belaying.

Incident started at 17:55 and ended at 20:30 making 2.6 hrs in total. There were 20 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 52