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Needle Ridge, Great Gable – Sun 28th Jun 2009 – Callout 35 in 2009

As the search (incident 38) was scaling down but before the team had left Eskmeals. Police call came in regarding two crag fast climbers who’d become stuck on Needle Ridge, Great Gable when their absail retreat was prevented by their rope becoming jammed. 4 Wasdale MRT were flown by RN 177 to the summit of Great Gable. The team roped down to the crag fast climbers’ position and assisted them to climb to the top of the ridge. Mobiles 1 and 3 drove to Wasdale Head with those team members who were left at Eskmeals. They brought back-up gear and also came on the fell. Incident closed around 8.30 p.m.

Incident Type
Location Needle Ridge, Great Gable
Other Agencies

Incident started at 17:00 and ended at 20:30 making 3.5 hrs in total. Incident occured at NY 20950 09987 (683m).

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