52 in 2008
Wastwater Screes

Police paged the team following a ‘999’ call from a pair of crag fast walkers on the Screes. The male and female in their 30s had walked from the Pump House along the far side of the lake until they came tot he boulder field. They lost the path (very difficult to find a path across the boulders) so proceeded up the scree until they became crag fast, very high and on unstable ground. 12 team members attended. The couple were put into climbing harnesses and helmets and rope assisted back down the scree to the shore path. The incident was closed at 2.30 p.m. This incident was nearly identical to the one in June 2006 where a group of 5 managed to get crag fast. They had managed to climb a further 300 foot above this couple. See last years the Broken Rib callout video here – photo of the couples locations here (they were at the top of the scree in amongst the crags top right ), the method of evacuation here, alternative photo of Britain’s Favourite View here – the actual video taken of this rescue has not been included following a request from the crag fast walkers – the above photos do not identify the crag fast walkersThis photograph shows the location of the group of 5 (June 2007) – our crag fast couple were located about 500 foot below where this group of 5 were crag fast.

Incident started at 10:59 and ended at 14:30 making 3.5 hrs in total. There were 12 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY15482 04272 (altitude 368 m). Total rescuer hours: 42