22 in 2020
Dore Head, Yewbarrow
Other Agencies

A call came in at 16:08 from North West Ambulance Service regarding a 62 year old man who had sustained a head injury following a 30m (approx..)fall whilst descending the washed-out scree slope below Dore Head, Yewbarrow, Mosedale.

With no further information on severity of injury, but potentially serious and on difficult, steep and loose ground which would have required a dangerous stretcher carry, a coastguard helicopter was called for straight away.

As the team were leaving Wasdale Head a report came in that the casualty had recovered sufficiently to be able to walk down and he was met by team members not far above Ritson’s Force. The helicopter was stood down as it was approx. 20 minutes out and the team returned to base.

Many thanks to the helicopter crew from Caernafon for scrambling to this incident.

Incident started at 16:08 and ended at 18:20 making 2.2 hrs in total. There were 22 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY176095. Total rescuer hours: 48