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Hardknott Pass
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We were called on Sunday afternoon by North West Ambulance Service about a cyclist who had misjudged a downhill bend at speed, veered off the road and took a tumble off her bike. She was unable to move, with facial injuries and concerns also about her back and shoulder. A normal road ambulance is unable to safely negotiate the steep gradients of Hardknott Pass.
A full callout was made with two team vehicles dispatched from base. Once on scene casualty carers assessed and treated the cyclist and carefully transferred to a team stretcher. A short carry was made to the waiting ambulance at Jubilee Bridge, before a handover and subsequent transfer to hospital. We wish the cyclist well and a quick recovery.

Incident started at 12:30 and ended at 15:31 making 3 hrs in total. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 215012. Total rescuer hours: 45