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Hollowstones, Scafell Pike
Other Agencies

A call was received via Cumbria Police from a party descending Scafell Pike to Wasdale. A lady had turned her ankle near the summit. She had managed to get as far as Hollow Stones but the pain had become too much for her to continue. As numbers of WMRT responding were low the decision was quickly made to ask our neighbours from Duddon and Furness to assist. As always, they agreed and mobilized to the incident. The lady was given our usual casualty care, splinted and put on the stretcher for the carry off.
The descent also gave us chance to test out Duddon’s new stretcher wheel and compare it with our own for a possible future replacement.
Thanks once again to Duddon and Furness MRT for their invaluable assistance. Both teams seemed happy to be out on such a lovely early autumn evening. Dinners can always be put on hold, after all!

Incident started at 16:01 and ended at 21:13 making 5.2 hrs in total. There were 13 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY206074. Total rescuer hours: 68