30 in 2011
Ill Crag

Call came in from police for a male walker in his late 40’s who had sustained a knee injury somewhere on Scafell Pike. It was difficult to establish exactly where the casualty was from the informant so the Team leader boarded an air ambulance (Great North Air Ambulance) and was flown up to the tops to search for him. After some time he was eventually located on the summit of Ill Crag (between Broad Crag and Great End). He had been with a group of 13 walkers, 11 of which had left to make their own way back down. He was airlifted from the Ill Crag along with a companion back down to the valley bottom at Brotherilkeld. 18 team members were involved with 10 already mustered at Hardknott trying to establish the exact whereabouts of the now late 11 walkers. A large group of walkers had been seen by the air ambulance at Scar Lathing which was some distance from the road head. As darkness was approaching and the group were believed to be poorly equipped for a night on the mountain with falling temperatures, a small group of rescuers made their way up the valley and located the remaining members of the group to ensure they were all accounted for and safely off the mountain. They were walked back to their cars and the incident was closed at 10.00 p.m.

Incident started at 19:11 and ended at 22:00 making 2.8 hrs in total. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 22300 07607 (altitude 913 m). Total rescuer hours: 50

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