3 in 2001
Upper Eskdale

Call from Whitehaven Police regarding a 57 yr. old man, reported to have chest pains and to be confused. He had been found in the Green Hole area (upper Esk) by a group of walkers. They had taken four hours to get him off the hill and back to the farm at Brotherilkeld, Eskdale but there was concern about whether his wife might also be on the hill. The Team Leader accompanied by another team member responded, immediately taking our AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) up to Eskdale, to (a) offer potentially life saving equipment and (b) to talk to the group of walkers, in the hope of establishing where the casualty had been found and whether his wife might need searching for. We also called one of the team doctors (A&E Consultant and WMRT Deputy Leader) and he attended as well. (A County Ambulance was already on it’s way but due to the remote location at the head of the valley, the Team’s response is quicker). On examining the casualty, it became apparent that his chest pain was more likely to have been caused by impact from a fall. He had bumped his head and had shredded gloves and what was left of broken glasses in his pocket. The most likely explanation for his confused condition was that he had suffered a head injury, resulting from a fall. He was therefore admitted to WCH (and was discharged on the Sunday afternoon). His wife was located at the Stickle Barn, Langdale and no further Team response was required.

Incident started at 17:10.