2 in 2002
Unknown Location

Call from the Police to report a single female (44 yr old) long overdue on fell run. Last seen at Sty Head, at 1000 hrs. and intending to continue up the corridor route to Lingmel Col and descend to Brackenclose. She was then to cycle back to a vehicle at Greendale and pick up her husband at Dunmail Raise. She was an experienced fell runner (and member of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club) but would be wearing light weight clothing and running in fell running shoes (Walshes). Conditions were extremely icy and there was a realistic concern that she may have slipped on ice and the delay due to an injury. The team leader asked a local team member to check out the car park at Greendale. The Police rang back at about 1845 hrs. confirm that she’d turned up OK. Incident logged due to involvement of police, team member and a number of phone calls.

Incident started at 18:00.