10 in 2001
Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike

Call from Workington Police shortly before 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon, regarding a report of a climber who had fallen on Lord’s Rake. They did not have details of the injuries but could me a mobile telephone number for the informant.
The Team Leader rang the informant but had to leave a message (as the number was unavailable – a very common problem!) He did ring Mill Forge as the Team Leader was opening the base and gave details which lead us to request a helicopter. The casualty had in fact fallen from below D Gully Buttress on Pike’s Crag and had fallen around a 30 meters tumble fall, sustaining head, chest, leg and arm injuries. He had been intending to do a rock climb on the crag but had apparently slipped just as he and his companion had reached the base of the crag.
In total 16 members of the team responded. One of the team’s Deputy Leaders was in the vicinity of the accident when it happened and was on scene with radio communications within a few minutes. Three of the advance group were lifted and winched onto the scene by Navy Helicopter (but not before the advance had climbed to the top of Brown Tongue). Everybody else had to walk and most didn’t get to the scene before the rescue was completed. The team treated the casualty and got him ready on a stretcher, for winching to the helicopter. He was then evacuated by air to Whitehaven Hospital accompanied by one of the team doctors. The casualty was a male in his late 40’s from Ulverston. We understand he is comfortable in the West Cumberland Hospital.

Incident started at 15:25.