16 in 2000
Unknown Location

all from Whitehaven Police at 09.30 am. Three women (aged between 35 and 45) had used a mobile phone to call 999 for assistance. They reported that they had lost the path in thick mist and were lost, probably somewhere between Broad Crag and Scafell Pike. They were apparently well equipped but were worried about how they would get back to a mini bus (and husband) at the Old Dungeon Ghyll, Langdale. The Police had advised them to stay put until they were contacted by the MRT. Julian Carradice, WMRT Team Leader tried to contact them but could only get an answer phone service (a common problem !!!) Without any further information he told the Police that he would not immediately turn the Team out. He would only initiate a call out if he believed there was a reasonable likelihood that people were at risk. He guessed that they were not far off the path and that once people started to walk along what is a main route to Scafell Pike, they would probably be able to contact somebody who would be in a position to assist them navigate. Julian kept trying to contact them every 10 to 15 minutes and eventually got through at about 10.30 am. During his conversation with them, he got them to get their compass and map out and to tell him in what direction certain features lay, relative to their position. e.g.. they could see Sellafield, they could see a valley to their north (Wasdale) and they could see crags in front of them, to their west (crags above Piers Ghyll/corridor route). Julian told them to walk south east for no more than two hundred meters until they came across the path on Broad Crag. (They had been going from Langdale and were still heading for the summit of the Pike when they got off route) Julian rang them again after 10 to 15 minutes and confirmed that they had regained the path. He then convinced them to head back towards Langdale and that they would warm up as they did this (they had been out since 05.30 am and were very cold and wet.) Julian had further contact with them on two more occasions until he knew they were safely back at Esk Hause. At this point the three ladies were now much happier and knew where they were going. (Last contact with them at 11.30 am). May 2000

Incident started at 09:30.