21 in 2000
Unknown Location

A 50 yr old man was reported to be suffering a "panic attack" and to be stuck in a gully (in thick mist) somewhere on the descent from Great Gable’s summit. ….probably around White Napes. The team leader put out a full team call out and 17 members attended. We were not entirely sure whether they were on the slope above the Beck Head path or on the Napes but found them part way down Arrowhead Gully, Great Napes. We put him in a harness and helmet and belayed him back up the gulley (about 200ft) while we assisted his climbing. We then used tape slings either side of the harness to assist him to walk back down. Back at Mill Forge just in time to see the penalty!! England v Romania 2:3 – European Cup (Probably a mercy that we hadn’t had to watch the whole match)

Incident started at 16:40.