27 in 2002

Whitehaven police called the team leader to inform of a walker in his mid-sixties who was overdue. His wife at Keswick had raised the alarm. He had left his car at the pump house, Ennerdale to walk to Blacksail and return via Pillar, Haycock and Cawfell. The team leader spoke with the Cockermouth MRT and handed the lead over (vehicle in their operational area). The missing person was called up on his mobile and he confirmed that he was lost in cloud next to a dry stone wall, high on the ‘ridge’. Both teams were mobilised, Wasdale MRT to cover the Wasdale side. He was eventually found by the Cockermouth team at 0100 hrs. making his way slowly down through the forest near Cauld Fell. 20 Wasdale team members were involved and the rescue closed down at 0300 hrs.
[Footnote – during the rescue a second incident was starting to emerge involving a group of four ‘Three Peakers’. The support vehicle had tracked down one of the teams rescue vehicles at Netherbeck and asked for help. The group, ranging in age from twenty to sixty years old, were overdue, most probably having descended into Eskdale. They were well equipped and had survival gear so it was decided to let them make their own way out. The police confirmed at 0700 hrs (Sunday) that the group were safely off the fell].

Incident started at 21:30 and ended at 03:00 making 5.5 hrs in total. There were 20 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 110