25 in 2000
Unknown Location

The team leader was called by Whitehaven Police, regarding a 48 yr old woman from Middlesborough who had tumbled down boulders/scree near Lord’s Rake, Scafell. She was reported to have suffered significant cuts to her head and also had bruising and cuts to the rest of her body, arms and legs. Although the incident had been reported by mobile phone, the informant was no longer at the scene. It was not possible to maintain up to date information on the casualty’s condition (particularly conscious level) so a helicopter was requested. 16 members of the team attended. Our "advance" group got to the casualty at the same time that the helicopter arrived on scene (approx 1745 hrs.) The lady was treated for her injuries at the scene and transferred by helicopter to West Cumberland Hospital. Team members were all back at our base in Gosforth by around 1930 hrs.

Incident started at 16:20.