28 in 2000
Unknown Location

It started with a call from Whitehaven Police, reporting three people missing, having not come back to their hotel in Eskdale. The Team Leader spoke to the hotel manager and found that the three missing people were one female (aged 31) and two males, aged 30 and 74 ! They were probably going to walk up Scafell and had left after breakfast that morning. They hadn’t actually left details of their intended route at the hotel but were reported overdue when the wife of one of them hadn’t been rung that evening. By 2320 hrs. their car was found to be parked further up Eskdale (at Wha House car park) and it quickly became apparent that they must indeed be on the hill. We chose to call in the help of three search dogs and got a further group of 4 WMRT people to search towards Ling Cove Bridge, Cam Spout etc. We did not do a full team callout, intending to keep the team in reserve until first light, if necessary. Well done to "Dog Roger

Incident started at 23:00.