Scafell Pike – Wed 6th Nov 2019

The team responded with a Limited Callout to reports of three walkers who were unable to find the main path down off Scafell Pike. Weather conditions and visibility on the summit were challenging. The walkers were located sheltering on the summit by WMRT members and walked back down to Brackenclose Read more…

Scafell Pike – Sun 13th Oct 2019

Team called this afternoon by Police about a group of 3 walkers reporting themselves lost whilst trying to descend Scafell Pike. With the location information from the 999 call their position was determined to be on the ridge descending towards Broad Crag Col. The Team Leader provided directions over the Read more…

Scafell Pike – Sat 17th Aug 2019

As we were dealing with the incident in Hollowstones an alert came in from CUMPOL regarding 2 overdue “3 Peaks” walkers, missing from a party of 11. With hundreds of “3 Peaks” parties on the hill to potentially meet up with, we restricted our response to information gathering and continued Read more…

Scafell Pike – Mon 5th Aug 2019

We were called by Police about 2 walkers reported overdue from a trip up Scafell Pike. Whilst we were gathering details we got a phone call to say they were down, safe & well in the Woolpack in Eskdale, so we stood down.

Scafell Pike – Tue 30th Jul 2019

The team was contacted after two members of a walking party hadn’t returned from a walk up Scafell Pike.  Just as the team leader was about to make contact to gather further information the informant re-contacted to police to say the rest of the party has turned up.

Scafell Pike – Sat 27th Jul 2019

We were called by Police about 4 younger walkers who were reported overdue from a trip up Scafell Pike. Whilst enquiries were being made they phoned in to say they were making their own way back to Wasdale Head in a taxi and we stood down.