86 in 2020
Middleboot Knotts, Scafell Pike

Two walkers who had climbed Scafell Pike became disorientated in the foul weather and then found themselves in difficult ground around the Piers Gill area. The couple were able to provide enough information to the Police in order to confirm their location, the Team Leader was able to make contact with them and establish that they were well equipped, he reassured them that help was on its way and that they should stay put and try to keep themselves as warm as possible.
When team members arrived on scene the couple were found huddled up together in a survival bag keeping each other warm and conserving energy. Team members provided additional warm clothing and high calorie food before escorting the couple back to the valley floor, conditions were quickly deteriorating and the temperature was already significantly below zero due to the altitude and wind chill.
The Winter is truly here now and Hypothermia is a killer, carrying the right equipment for every eventuality can be the difference between life and death. Information on what you should be carrying and planning in advance of a day out on the hills during Winter time can be found on

Incident started at 15:59 and ended at 23:03 making 7.1 hrs in total. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY212082. Total rescuer hours: 107