55 in 2011

Two sons in their early 20’s were reported overdue by their mother who was in Ambleside. The information provided suggested that the two sons had gone to walk up Scafell Pike starting from near Wha House farm in Eskdale and had phoned around 8.00 p.m. to say they were at Burnmoor Tarn. They had not been heard from since. A search of car parks and pubs in the Eskdale valley was undertaken which failed to find their vehicle. Just as the search was about to be called off for the night the police contacted the team to say they had turned up at the bottom of the Birker Fell road far away from both their supposed parking place and any routes from Burnmoor Tarn or Scafell (Pike). It then transpired their car was actually near Blea Tarn in Langdale. Team members took pity on them and gave them a lift back to their vehicle, which was needed to get their mother home as well.

We’re not sure where these people walked during the day and night, but they’d clearly been a long way and unlikely to have been close to any of the places suggested.

Incident started at 22:21.

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