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Tongue Pots, Eskdale
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The team received a call from Cumbria Police yesterday afternoon about someone who had jumped into the pools at Tongue Pot in Upper Eskdale and had suffered a dislocated shoulder. A full callout was quickly made, as these injuries are typically extremely painful. Helicopter support was unavailable at this time as they were all committed to other tasking. Once on scene the casualty was assessed and treated with strong pain relief.
At this point Coastguard helicopter Rescue 199 became available from Prestwick and was able to evacuate the shoulder casualty directly to hospital. This saved a long carry which would also have been very uncomfortable for the casualty. Thanks to R199 for their support, and also for the swift return of the stretcher to base shortly afterwards.

Incident started at 12:54 and ended at 17:55 making 5 hrs in total. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 226033. Total rescuer hours: 75