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Wastwater Screes
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We were called by Police about a walker who’d become crag fast whilst attempting to descend the Wasdale Screes from Whin Rigg summit and become stuck on a ledge overlooking Great Gully. The walker’s location was determined using a mix of PhoneFind and a spotter. It was particularly difficult to get access to the walker’s location and around 150m of rope was fixed to safeguard the approach up steep heather and broken rock. Crag specialists from Duddon and Furness Team were also called to help provide extra support. Once above the walker a belay was fixed on trees and then team members descended to the walkers location. The walker was lowered off the crag using 100m ropes then team members stripped out as much gear as possible and abseiled down to the base of the gully. This was a long and difficult rescue.

Incident started at 18:13 and ended at 17:44 making 23.5 hrs in total. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 1493 0381. Total rescuer hours: 423