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Cumbria Police alerted the Team Leader of 2 people that had taken a 20 metre fall off the Stirrup Crag area of Yewbarrow. This was reported to the police by two different passing walkers.

Because of the known severity of the terrain and reported possible serious injuries the Coastguard helicopter, which has winching capabilities, was requested. Two Air Ambulances were scrambled as well because of the number of casualties.

The teams made their way, on foot as quickly as possible, to the casualty site. On arrival, the helicopter doctors and paramedics had stabilised the two casualties as much as possible. The team prepared the area for the arrival of Rescue 199 (Coastguard) which winched the two people up and transferred them to the hospital for further treatment.

We hope the gent and lady have a speedy recovery. This was fantastic multi-agency working, especially between the three helicopter crews. Thanks to them all for responding quickly.

Incident started at 10:50 and ended at 17:11 making 6.4 hrs in total. There were 14 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 175093. Total rescuer hours: 90