Wrynose Pass – Thu 28th Jan 2016

We were contacted by Police about a driver who’s vehicle was stuck and difficult to recover on Hardknott pass. After some further enquiries he turned out to be in Little Langdale at the bottom of Wrynose Pass and we handed the incident on to our colleagues in Langdale Team.

Great Gable – Sat 9th Jan 2016

We were called by Police about a party reporting themselves lost after descending Great Gable. One of the party was also reported to have a knee injury and struggling to move. In the end the party managed to make their own way off the mountain and were met by team Read more…

Great Gable – Tue 5th Jan 2016

A University group got separated on Great Gable and one of their members become lost. The Team Leader managed to provide directions to the lost member who then made their own way down to Wasdale without any further assistance.