1 in 2003
Hardknott Pass

The team were asked to respond to a two vehicle ‘accident’ on Hardknott Pass. The police were unable to get to the vehicles due to ice and snow. The team vehicles were parked at the bottom of the pass and team members walked up. The two vehicles were in fact ice-bound above the 1:3 section rather than crashed and the family of 4 adults and three youngsters plus dog were resigning themselves to a night, high on the pass, when the team arrived. They had managed, with some difficulty, to drive up from the Eskdale side in their 4×4’s but could not descend the Cockley Beck side. When they turned back the steep section was too severe for a descent. They were slowly and carefully walked back down to the bottom of the pass and driven back to Gosforth where they hired a taxi back to Silloth where they were staying on holiday. The two vehicles will have to be recovered after the thaw, sometime next week.

Incident started at 18:00.